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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Hello again fellow Otakus =D Been enjoying the fantastic universe of Studio Ghibli as of recently. Watched; Grave of the Fireflies, Spirited Away, Luputa: Castle in the Sky, Whisper of the Heart & Howl's Moving Castle. I also have Porco Rosso on the download =P And Pom Poko upstairs (bro d/l'ed it). So that's 9 Stuiod Ghibli movies =P (i've already seen both Nausicaa & Princess Mononoke you see).

Grave of the Firefiles: Hot damn what a sad story ;___; Moved my sister to tears & left me with a huge lump in my throat (anymore of 'teh sadness' & i woulda cried, serious). Not an action packed movie like some of their other stuff, but a wonderful, moving story none the less. I actually watched this movie twice, once with my sister, and the second time with my brother (some of you know him as Ryudostarwind from here).

Luputa: Castle in the Sky: This movie was funny x3 The first part was hilarious & I simply loved the pirates lol. My idiot of a brother though made us miss like 15/20mins of it cos he changed it to the wrong channel >>; You know you get those +1hr channels for most now? Well we were watching FilmFour+1 (they had a Japanese animation movie season =D) and during a break he switched it to football & back again, only he switched it to the normal channel >>; We're both sitting going "Have we missed something?" lol xD Luckily i realised a lil while in and we switched it to the one we were watching. Although we ended up watching the ending twice >>;

Whisper of the Heart: Although i like the film, the point of it was kinda lost to me o_O At the end where they were on about marrying eachother me and Steve were like "Wth? You're how young and you're asking her to marry you?" So i guess it was just a love story really =P Or finding yourself...see?! Still don't get it ><; Either way, i did enjoy it =)

Spirited Away: I must admit, at the end of this movie, i was left wanting more, which isn't a feeling i get very often, so i didn't like it too much =/ Even though the film is near on 2hrs, i still wanted more. I left feeling very un-satisfied at the ending ;___; Although the film itself is brilliant, very creative, bright & funny. A movie to lift the spirits definately =) And i love the design of the dragon, he's so cool looking x3 Although i like the Japanese version of Chihiro (Sen) better, the American version has the voice of Lilo (Lilo & Stitch) doing Chihiro, and it sounds very odd =/ Ohh, and i love the lil soot things =D Adorable lol.

Howl's Moving Castle: I have fallen in love with this movie *__* I love love love love love the Scarecrow, TurnipHead (NOT as his human form ><; His human form looks like a friggin' turd, serious) and the Flame, Calcifer (who may i add, had the voice of Billy Crystal, wonderful =D simply wonderful). Seriously, i want TurnipHead & Calcifer, i think Calcifer is wicked funny & TurnipHead reminds me of a puppy, awww =3 I love everything about this movie, although my brother pointed out something that's rather odd (and actually happens in Nausicaa), Sophie's dress changes colour =P When she first gets turned old and comes out of her room to run away, her dress changes from green to blue lol x3 We simply put it down to her changing or something haha. I can't tell you how much i enjoyed this movie =) I bugged Steve to let me watch it a second time i liked it that much haha. And isn't Howl pretty <3 With blond, red or black hair =P Hehe, i love how he freaked out when his hair got turned red x3 & Christian Bale gave him such a smexy voice =)

Anyway, that's it from me! Thanks for listening to my ranting last time xD Some of you seem to think i'm abit physco now, but it's all good haha xD I've never liked being fully sane, i find it rather boring. Anywho, tata! When i watch those other two movies i'll let ya know how i liked em =P (if i did lol)

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