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Monday, February 20, 2006


;&mood: evil evil
;&track:BEP__pump it

do you know that when i get mad...

ooohhh...you already know...and don't worry, im not gonna cut myself next time..and hopefully, there's no next time ...so anyways, im gladd it's all over..it feels lighter now...mmmmmm...

school... im so glad today that my math teacher isn't around! but she'll be back tomorrow..i think.. but then, i still got a social studies greece newspaper to do! ggaahd! it's killing me! and oh! my tounge is so numb! hahaha...its becoz me(with crime partner ysianel) ate this..umm...medicine that looks like candy...its cherry flavored and we were hungry so we took one from our friend whos sick and has a sore throat...then she tried to warn/stop us not to eat it coz its for sore throat only and we were lyk that okay...it's still a candy" then we ate it..at first it was okay then when it's time to go home, we felt the numbness of our tounge...hahaha...so stupid(not rily)

gaaahhh...thanks for those who comment on my last post and sorry for the worries..hehehe...my mom doesn't know about it....im good at hiding cuts..

and oh! just before i end this, im so glladd to won a couple of awards from GFX...hehe...and i finished fixing this myo...i made a button for my myO(at last) which you can see when you click one of the four "&&&&" at the very top of this layout...hehe...see it? the last &...click it..windows pops up and poofff...hehehe...i got that extra mini page idea from sesslover18..hehe hope she doesn't mind(wink..right sam)..so later ladies and germs..gentlemen i mean...mwaahz!

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Saturday, February 18, 2006


;&mood: furious furious
;&track:mm...im watching bleach...so no music!

do you know that when i get mad...

I always put myself into isolation by hiding in my bedroom and moving things in my room and throwing stuffs on my lamp shade which i never get hit but instead i hit the window which never borke because it so freaaken hard lyk my head!!!

*whew* that felt alot better

but no...doing stuffs lyk that, isn't enough! you must be wondering what im talking about ryt now...well, i was super duper furious last night! it was all because of my brother...and sister! those two! my patience reached its limit yesterday! my sight became dark! that i put a scar on my left hand using one of my cutter...the scar says: "H8" which is ofcourse short for hate...u might think im insane right? yeah i myself think that im insane too...coz wen i woke up this morning, i was so shock to see that scar that i made! but it's almost gone..i guess i didn't cut it that deep...and then, to my biggest surprise! my bed was moved to block the door and the glass i was holding last night was broken! *sigh* im that wild when i get mad..gee..

so ne wayz, hope you understand...i just need to let it out! that anger..it's been locked inside me for about 3 days...they've been mocking for that long....nowadays, the 3 of us is not on a brother-sister mode...they used to make me laugh and now they made me mad! so laters ya'll!

it might be a good idea if i can make a poem about it..lolz..

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Thursday, February 16, 2006


;&mood: freaked out freak out

*yawn*awwwww...been a while...

Hiii!!! mmmm...wat can i say? i haven't updated lately huh? and oh! this crappy layout, this isn't suppose to look lyk this!can u recall when i saidn that im changing my layout into something else? and put it on march? gah..but as u can see, its not march yet and its up..hahaha...well, i originally made an itachi layout which is so...ugly(i thinnk)...and then i made another layout, a hitsugaya layout but i dumped it coz it lacks artistic touch and so plain...T_T i have serious problem with making graphics!! can u see my layout!?! ryt now!?! it so damn gay(i think) aarrrgghh..oh gahd..and i just foudn that pic on the layout and yeahh...some devil wishpered to my ears that i should use it and make this gay layout

ne wayz, i have to stop critizing my work ryt now...

newho winter fest...mmm...winter fest..my last post was about it..i did said that we're going to have lots of fun but then! that was the most BORING day ever! it was friggin cold you can't even go out for toboganning..we stayed in this hut and eat and eat and eat!

gah! wat more can i say? no school tomorrow! which is good and math teacher will be away for monday which is super duper cool! okay okay...i think this is all that i have to say for now...plz tell me wat u think bout this...gggrrrr...layout! baboosh!

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Thursday, February 9, 2006


[mood: cheerful cheerful]
[track:so sick;ne-yo*stuck in my head]

today was so fun!!!

oh yes! today is fun! lots of fuuun! okay okay..first, we went to watch a play...the play was pretty good for me i think it is it's called Smokes Screen hahaha and after the play, we went to the FORKS(market/mall) here in Winnipeg totally cool! though i fall a couple of times and my knee hurts...no...actually, ryt now, my knee is numb....aaaah...but still good! i might put up some pics of me and my friends here...the first 1 hour on the forks was pretty..ummm...irritating and head breaking?! i thought that we're just going to spend the rest of the day looking 'round the place but we did some scavenger hunt and it's graded ^^...hahaha...but oh well!

and yesterday!! maaan! WINTER FESTIVAL! we're going tobogganing...i wanna go ice skating but nah...i wanted to but we have to wear helments! for safety! geee...no thanks! im just gonna ride on crazzie carpet/tobogan! hihihi! so yea! i hope im going to have fun tomorrow! same goes for u guys! laters!


that was taken today! hahaha im the one with the blue jacket and beside me is krel and ysianel

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Wednesday, February 8, 2006


[mood: hopeful hopeful]
[track:none;lyk nothing


and no, it has nothing to do with graphic or html aaahh...can somebody tell me where to find the actual size or should i say bigger/larger version of this picture??? coz i really really need it so bad...well you see, im going to use that picture for my poetry...it suits the poem that i made which is based from a fanfic and i call it "THE WIND THAT BROUGHT MY LIFE" hahaha...i dunno if you guys would lyk to read that poem..lol..its pretty..ummm...gay? but maybe, if my teacher finished correcting it, with the errors and stuffs i might post it here..hahaha...

so nyeah, nothing much about me lately..just being crazzie as always and oh! i just love tomorrow and the day after it!!! its lyk a double feild trip!! wohooo! so later ya'll!! mwazh!

[edited]: okie dokie! problem solved imidiatley! lolz! thnx ysianel for the help!! haha! but still if you see larger version of that pic..umm...lemme know..kay? salamat nene!

[edited]: okay..guys thnx for trying to help me out here but i guess i ysianel's pic will do it..hehehe..gah...been stupid here lately..lolz..i forgot dat i can fix a picture so messy after resizing it..geeagain, salamat nene!

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Monday, February 6, 2006


[mood: sleepy sleepy]
[track:so sick && ne-yo..yet again]

awww! wats up with my voice?!!

well, i talked to my friend last night on the phone for an hour and a half..gee..all we actually did is talked about poems that she made and we sing..haha..and now my voice is kinda messed up..my throat hurts and when i woke up this morning, my voice is wierd but its becoming normal ryt now..hahaha

no school today!*cheerss* just when i thought i can finally have my long sleep, turned out that we have to go to the mall today...ummm...i dn't really know wat we're suppose to do in there i told my mom that we're only gonna watch a movie sumthing lyk that..oohhh! Ysianel! i rily dn't wanna go coz i wanna do homeworks/projects! waaa..but wat can i do? i said yes and i can't go back to my words(thats my way of ninja...im being queer here) ha so ya..

one last thing, yesterday, didn't manage to update coz i worked on my new layout! im luvin' that layout! im not gonna tell wat it looks lyk, im gonna put it on march..waaaa...i tried making it as grungy..oops..im not suppose to tell u..gee so ya...and oh! party last saturday! hahaha..it was the craziest party i've ever been..one of my aunts (she's not really a relative but since she's my mom's friend, i call her auntie) got drunk and wrestled her son until his nose bleed..she dances lyk crazy and sat beside me and my friend at told us that she's and so, i can't stop laughing at her..hehe..so ya..laters!

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Saturday, February 4, 2006


[mood: wondering wondering]
[track:so sick && ne-yo]

best naruto filler episode so far...

yes! have anyone of u by any chance saw the newest naruto episode? 170? wasn't that interesting? i never thought that they would show sasuke on a filler episode..haha..but it was a pretty cool filler.. sorry for the spoiler if u haven't watched it but dang my friend was lyk driven crazzie when she saw sasuke...i think she missed him alot..hahaha..ryt

today's saturday...gotta go to church ofcourse..friday was nothing but craziness..hahaha..i got to read the latest chapter for naruto..chapter 293..wasn't that bad..after all, the ending was cool..i think

WAAAAAAA im stuck with home works..i have a movie poem to do a math homework to finish an enlargement for options to color watelse? oh! budget of work for social studies! gotta do the notes and stuffs and ummm... 5 poems to make and a science poster and ofcourse, lets not forget about the greek newspaper and comic for social studies...grrrRRrr

i still can't forget about that kid in our math class that said: "eggplant is a root"

well im off for today!

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Monday, January 30, 2006


[mood: calm calm]
[track:l.o.v.e && ashley simpson]

.....guess wat?!

IM GETTING BORED WITH THIS LAYOUT ALREADY! hahaha insane me! but rily i dunno...i've been trying to make a layout that is more dark..but i keep producing a layout that has light colors..hehehe..remember my past two layout, i think the color are pretty cheerful..except for the sasuke and naruto one..it was a bit cold but still not goth enough..hahaha..oh ignore me..

any wayz, my mom found a frozen rabbit outside our house yesterday! yes! the rabbit is frozen! it doesn't move! freaky huh! well i asked my dad to get the rabbit for me and he give a what-the-heck look and said the rabbit it dead! hahaha i dunno wat came to my mind! i was actually planning to take care of a dead rabbit?!! nyeahaha

nothing much about school today...*sigh*..some stupd kid im my class said that an eggplant is a root lol..even a 5-year-old kid can see that an eggplant grows above the surface! hahaha, well coz im phyc, i can't get that off my head! i actually mentioned it atleast a dozen times to my friends..hahahha..oh well so i guess it's all done so im off!

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Sunday, January 29, 2006


[mood: tired tired]

OMG! it's a new look

why its been a while don't u think?! well guess wat? haha..its so obvious! i changed the layout..lol..it's tifa..yay! well it's a tribute for being my new addcition! yes! im so in to FF:AC..gaaah..yea yea..new stuffs comes with new layout..lol..im so tired..rily lyk i've been working on this layout for 2 days..lol..

today was rather and interesting day..my friend in philippines were onlyn on ym! lol..lyk it's a big deal for u guys..but it is for me..dey never went onlyn ever b4..hehe..so weird..but it was fun talking with them again!oh! 3 cloud strife icons:

Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket

there ya go! i luv the 2nd one that i made..hehehe..watelse can i blab about!? oh! 11 more weeks of naruto filler episode and it's back to normal! waaa...so can't wait! and for the manga! i can't wait to see sasuke again..haha..wonder wat he looks lyk..the manga is very exciting these days..lol..but it's a cliff hanger! hahaa..im crazzie here..

so ne wayz, lj lj lj...i have a friend who offered me help on that site..and yesh! i'll update that site very soon and i'll ask u guys to check it out! laters ya'll!

[edited] mmm just wanna add this thing:naruto manga chapter 292 is out..it's awsome! haha and im crazie so i gtg


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Monday, January 23, 2006


[mood: snob snobbish]

i got in trouble coz...

of those meter stick...bah i just hate dat math teacher of mine...kyaaa...while she was saying this and that, me and friend, who's also involved, were laughing!! one of my friend gave me her meter stick..lol..don't ask wat we're doing with d meter stick..it was insane..lol...

mmm...ne wayz, away from dat bad stuffs..lol.. kyaaa! im so so so so addicted to FF VII!!! im getting the game on my b-day! hahahaha...i watched the OVA, final fantasy: last order...well, sort of okay but it was only 25 mins..hehehe..but oh well

nothing much today huh...hope u guys have a nice day! hope u didn't get in trouble in school today!(if u go to school)..lol...bya...



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