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Monday, February 20, 2006


;&mood: evil evil
;&track:BEP__pump it

do you know that when i get mad...

ooohhh...you already know...and don't worry, im not gonna cut myself next time..and hopefully, there's no next time ...so anyways, im gladd it's all over..it feels lighter now...mmmmmm...

school... im so glad today that my math teacher isn't around! but she'll be back tomorrow..i think.. but then, i still got a social studies greece newspaper to do! ggaahd! it's killing me! and oh! my tounge is so numb! hahaha...its becoz me(with crime partner ysianel) ate this..umm...medicine that looks like candy...its cherry flavored and we were hungry so we took one from our friend whos sick and has a sore throat...then she tried to warn/stop us not to eat it coz its for sore throat only and we were lyk that okay...it's still a candy" then we ate it..at first it was okay then when it's time to go home, we felt the numbness of our tounge...hahaha...so stupid(not rily)

gaaahhh...thanks for those who comment on my last post and sorry for the worries..hehehe...my mom doesn't know about it....im good at hiding cuts..

and oh! just before i end this, im so glladd to won a couple of awards from GFX...hehe...and i finished fixing this myo...i made a button for my myO(at last) which you can see when you click one of the four "&&&&" at the very top of this layout...hehe...see it? the last &...click it..windows pops up and poofff...hehehe...i got that extra mini page idea from sesslover18..hehe hope she doesn't mind(wink..right sam)..so later ladies and germs..gentlemen i mean...mwaahz!

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