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Monday, January 30, 2006


[mood: calm calm]
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.....guess wat?!

IM GETTING BORED WITH THIS LAYOUT ALREADY! hahaha insane me! but rily i dunno...i've been trying to make a layout that is more dark..but i keep producing a layout that has light colors..hehehe..remember my past two layout, i think the color are pretty cheerful..except for the sasuke and naruto one..it was a bit cold but still not goth enough..hahaha..oh ignore me..

any wayz, my mom found a frozen rabbit outside our house yesterday! yes! the rabbit is frozen! it doesn't move! freaky huh! well i asked my dad to get the rabbit for me and he give a what-the-heck look and said the rabbit it dead! hahaha i dunno wat came to my mind! i was actually planning to take care of a dead rabbit?!! nyeahaha

nothing much about school today...*sigh*..some stupd kid im my class said that an eggplant is a root lol..even a 5-year-old kid can see that an eggplant grows above the surface! hahaha, well coz im phyc, i can't get that off my head! i actually mentioned it atleast a dozen times to my friends..hahahha..oh well so i guess it's all done so im off!

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