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Saturday, February 18, 2006


;&mood: furious furious
;&track:mm...im watching bleach...so no music!

do you know that when i get mad...

I always put myself into isolation by hiding in my bedroom and moving things in my room and throwing stuffs on my lamp shade which i never get hit but instead i hit the window which never borke because it so freaaken hard lyk my head!!!

*whew* that felt alot better

but no...doing stuffs lyk that, isn't enough! you must be wondering what im talking about ryt now...well, i was super duper furious last night! it was all because of my brother...and sister! those two! my patience reached its limit yesterday! my sight became dark! that i put a scar on my left hand using one of my cutter...the scar says: "H8" which is ofcourse short for hate...u might think im insane right? yeah i myself think that im insane too...coz wen i woke up this morning, i was so shock to see that scar that i made! but it's almost gone..i guess i didn't cut it that deep...and then, to my biggest surprise! my bed was moved to block the door and the glass i was holding last night was broken! *sigh* im that wild when i get mad..gee..

so ne wayz, hope you understand...i just need to let it out! that anger..it's been locked inside me for about 3 days...they've been mocking for that long....nowadays, the 3 of us is not on a brother-sister mode...they used to make me laugh and now they made me mad! so laters ya'll!

it might be a good idea if i can make a poem about it..lolz..

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