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Saturday, February 4, 2006


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best naruto filler episode so far...

yes! have anyone of u by any chance saw the newest naruto episode? 170? wasn't that interesting? i never thought that they would show sasuke on a filler episode..haha..but it was a pretty cool filler.. sorry for the spoiler if u haven't watched it but dang my friend was lyk driven crazzie when she saw sasuke...i think she missed him alot..hahaha..ryt

today's saturday...gotta go to church ofcourse..friday was nothing but craziness..hahaha..i got to read the latest chapter for naruto..chapter 293..wasn't that bad..after all, the ending was cool..i think

WAAAAAAA im stuck with home works..i have a movie poem to do a math homework to finish an enlargement for options to color watelse? oh! budget of work for social studies! gotta do the notes and stuffs and ummm... 5 poems to make and a science poster and ofcourse, lets not forget about the greek newspaper and comic for social studies...grrrRRrr

i still can't forget about that kid in our math class that said: "eggplant is a root"

well im off for today!

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