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Monday, February 6, 2006


[mood: sleepy sleepy]
[track:so sick && ne-yo..yet again]

awww! wats up with my voice?!!

well, i talked to my friend last night on the phone for an hour and a half..gee..all we actually did is talked about poems that she made and we sing..haha..and now my voice is kinda messed up..my throat hurts and when i woke up this morning, my voice is wierd but its becoming normal ryt now..hahaha

no school today!*cheerss* just when i thought i can finally have my long sleep, turned out that we have to go to the mall today...ummm...i dn't really know wat we're suppose to do in there i told my mom that we're only gonna watch a movie sumthing lyk that..oohhh! Ysianel! i rily dn't wanna go coz i wanna do homeworks/projects! waaa..but wat can i do? i said yes and i can't go back to my words(thats my way of ninja...im being queer here) ha so ya..

one last thing, yesterday, didn't manage to update coz i worked on my new layout! im luvin' that layout! im not gonna tell wat it looks lyk, im gonna put it on march..waaaa...i tried making it as grungy..oops..im not suppose to tell u..gee so ya...and oh! party last saturday! hahaha..it was the craziest party i've ever been..one of my aunts (she's not really a relative but since she's my mom's friend, i call her auntie) got drunk and wrestled her son until his nose bleed..she dances lyk crazy and sat beside me and my friend at told us that she's and so, i can't stop laughing at her..hehe..so ya..laters!

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