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Thursday, February 16, 2006


;&mood: freaked out freak out

*yawn*awwwww...been a while...

Hiii!!! mmmm...wat can i say? i haven't updated lately huh? and oh! this crappy layout, this isn't suppose to look lyk this!can u recall when i saidn that im changing my layout into something else? and put it on march? gah..but as u can see, its not march yet and its up..hahaha...well, i originally made an itachi layout which is so...ugly(i thinnk)...and then i made another layout, a hitsugaya layout but i dumped it coz it lacks artistic touch and so plain...T_T i have serious problem with making graphics!! can u see my layout!?! ryt now!?! it so damn gay(i think) aarrrgghh..oh gahd..and i just foudn that pic on the layout and yeahh...some devil wishpered to my ears that i should use it and make this gay layout

ne wayz, i have to stop critizing my work ryt now...

newho winter fest...mmm...winter fest..my last post was about it..i did said that we're going to have lots of fun but then! that was the most BORING day ever! it was friggin cold you can't even go out for toboganning..we stayed in this hut and eat and eat and eat!

gah! wat more can i say? no school tomorrow! which is good and math teacher will be away for monday which is super duper cool! okay okay...i think this is all that i have to say for now...plz tell me wat u think bout this...gggrrrr...layout! baboosh!

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