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Wednesday, January 18, 2006


[mood: determined determined]
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my myO scares me to death...

it does, doesn't it? maaAnn..i check mm myO and den the song is so loud..hahaha...i think AG501 said that on my last post...=)...i think i gotta change it...but on the other hand, nah..too lazy.. =p! so, so far so good..i think.. bah! got tons of project..i got a book to read and answer questions that goes with it, a poem anthology, a "greek civilization" budget of work, a math test tomorrow, and yeah dats it..and ofcourse! math scrapbook...and oh! the enlargement thingy for options...it's killing me..but, way back when i was in philippines, projects were alot worse...test were alot harder..especially on math..ur not allowed to usre calculators...uu have to do it all by hand...yea yea..watever...

so skewl today was a bit..annoying..we have this grade 7 kid tailing us the whole time... we had some "friendly" fight..hahaha...it was pretty funny...but yet annoying! that's all i can about skewl today..the rest's pretty fine..ne wayz, i need advice...criticism...suggestions on this header that i made for my livejournal..yes, i finally decided to use it =P...i've been making graphics for nearly a year but i still consider my self a "graphic noob".

so wat d'u think? pretty? so so?grotesque? no artistic touch at all? hehe..well it's one of my fav actress..if u watch harry potter, she's dat female bff of harry, hermione...well yeah...i think it ends here for now..

p.s: finally some naruto ep..filler tho..but who cares? i rily need to watch naruto..luv the new opening..same song but some changes on the scene..lol..and the next ep, i think it'll be awsome..im outt! for real!


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Sunday, January 15, 2006


[mood: proud proud]

Since it's sunday...

i woke up as early as i can so that i can do something...hahaha...im so proud of meh self coz..coz..i finally managed to finish "1 of 25(?)" article for my math scrapbook which is due at the end of the skewl year...hahaha..well yeah..i think im behind..lots of ppl in our class already did more than 4 articles...bah watever..

ne wayz, i kinda miss posting icons that i made here in otaku..so here ya go


[i]Image hosted by Photobucket.com [ii]Image hosted by Photobucket.com
[iii]Image hosted by Photobucket.com [iv]Image hosted by Photobucket.com
[v]Image hosted by Photobucket.com


[vi]Image hosted by Photobucket.com [vii]Image hosted by Photobucket.com
[viii]Image hosted by Photobucket.com

woo0oot! i was always thinking of making a tutorial..hehe..you know, on how to make icons...im not to fond of putting a tut on lj..mmm...watever..

so far so good...as always, ryt now, im watching basketball: raptors vs nyknicks! waa...i dunno which side im on..i dn't lyk raptors to begin with and i hated nyknicks coz dey beat my fav team, pheonix suns...hahahaha..oh well..

watelse? oh! naruto! man..i can't wait for chap. 291 (i read manga online) crap..it's getting exciting!! mmm...well, dats it..im outt! laters!


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Friday, January 6, 2006

january 06 2006

good day! or night! well, im getting better cough is gone! yihhey! and i have made my next layout which will be up..mmmm..when the naruto filler ep end which is 13 more weeks to go...awww..been updating coz im bored..

i wanna watch ff:ac for no reason...argh..wanna watch it now..now now now...mmm...skewl's almost here..ergh...well that's all..have a nice day..or night..im going to have nice evening..it's anime friday..wooo0oot!


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Thursday, January 5, 2006

january 05 2006

ei! nothin' much today..just watch naruto special(ep 166-167)..aww..13 more weeks and the filler ends for naruto..i must admit it's getting boring wit all that ep filler...mmmmm... but 13 weeks is still long don't u think?

the cough, is getting better...it's very irritating to have this stupd cough...ah well..we're going to d mall today.. but im not in the mood to go out..bah..mmmm...so gtg..i have to continue watching naruto..i watched the raw yesterday and ryt now im watching the subbed version ^__^ laters!


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Wednesday, January 4, 2006

january 04 2006

hey! well, nothing much about me today...school's on monday jan 9th...grrr..im still not ready...aaahhh...ne ways, the comment box is back...it seems impossible to get that default comment box of otaku so i had to use one from HaloScan..so problem solved!

oh! i've been coughing for..more than a week...mmm...something's fishy...this isn't normal..is it? nyeah well i really have nothing to put in here so i think this is it for today! ttyl!


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Tuesday, January 3, 2006

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Monday, December 26, 2005

Hey! my last post..so ne wayz, it wasn't dat fun this x-mas =(...so different in philippines...ahhh...and it's my 2nd x-mas here in canada...lol..btw, i got cards from frends(click to enlarge or view the normal size):

well dats it..cya soon...thnx to those who gave me those cards...u know who u r =P

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Saturday, December 10, 2005

OMG! changed the theme...kinda crappy tho..O_o..dn't lyk it =(...i'll try to make more changes later to make it look alot better!!!coz ryt now, im so darn lazy to do ne thing xcept updating...hahahahaha..and it's 12:00 am!!! im alive! and baking cookies..hahaha...weird huh?! 12 am and im baking cookies..well ya..dats me..ne wayz, i didn't do much yesterday. about my phys ed teacher who cried, i think he got over it..hahaha...well, my french teacher's nose was bleeding during class...but she manage to sing a french song which i didn't rily understand but it sound funny...lots of wierd stuffs happen to my teachers lately 0_o...oh well..watelse?! i dunno...gonna add more later...i have to sleep first..hehe..i'll wake up about 3:00 am which is insane just to chat w/ my frends in philippines!! so, bababoosh for now!ttyl
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Thursday, December 8, 2005

i walked pass our house
well well well..its been a while...for real..lol...nothing much about me lately..skewls fine and a couple of interesting stuffs happened..hehehe..first, yesterday, we did an experiment to prove if "blueberries", exercise and drinking water can really smarten you! well i guess..no..lol...our teacher gave us a math test before we did the eating,drinking and xcerising...lol..i answered half of the questions for a minute then after we eat drink exercise, it didn't improve O_o...wakoko...dats all about the so-calledexperiment..lol..today was sort of shocking...coz we have this phys ed teacher who is really strict..then a used-to-be classmate of mine, came to him and right at his face, she said "YOU'RE THE WORST TEACHER EVER...I HOPE YOU GET FIRED"..and that was waaaay too harsh..i think..so this pe theacher cried...some ask y...well it does hurt..im sure it does..hehehe..
right now, im doing some crazy animation..lol...omg i luv animation....hahahaha...crazie..lol..so ne wayz..i was walking home! freaking cold! the windchill is crazzie..so my head is bow because i dn't wnt ne snow gets in my eyes...but i think i overdo it coz when i raised my head i just notice that i pass our house..hehehehe...so i have to go back...hehehe...dats insane..omgawd..i think im off for now...gotta do my project which is due tomorrow..bababoosh! ttyl!

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Sunday, December 4, 2005

Friday was wierd! Saturday was 0_o
HI haha..today is sunday...sucks! coz tomorrow is monday! ergh..well ne wayz Friday was indeed weird...lol..i dunno but me and my siblings started playing catch-this-ball game!no..dats not really the name of the game..kinda made that up..so anywayz..the whole point is to catch the ball(im weird)..it was a very wierd ball..can't explain how weird it is so ya...you know why i call it weird? coz it was the first time me and my siblings played a game together in 6 years i think dat was fun(ofcourse! we can get to hit each other with that ball and saying it was just an accident ^_^ to avoid getting in trouble with our parents)...haha...well..that was it..its weird for me..akward too..

so SATURDAY was.....umm...well i woke up 6 am dat day..go on the computer start making stuffs with my psp X...got bored so i started browsing my photobucket and found another this inuyasha vc sesshoumaru animation that i did long time ago

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

then i got up the computer 6:00 pm..yes! 6am-6pm straight! then i sat on the floor..and started playing blade warriors on ps2 til 12 am!! hahaha..i wasn't supposed to stop yet but my fingers really hurt..*yan* chirstmas is almost here! so excited...i wonder wat im going to give to the person i picked...we're having this secret santa thing...lol..ne wayz..i made x-mas banners/greetings for some of my my0 fwends!! almost done..so far i only made 3..lol..and i think i didn't messed them up!! thnk goodness..lol...wel im off..ttyl!

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