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Monday, January 23, 2006


[mood: snob snobbish]

i got in trouble coz...

of those meter stick...bah i just hate dat math teacher of mine...kyaaa...while she was saying this and that, me and friend, who's also involved, were laughing!! one of my friend gave me her meter stick..lol..don't ask wat we're doing with d meter stick..it was insane..lol...

mmm...ne wayz, away from dat bad stuffs..lol.. kyaaa! im so so so so addicted to FF VII!!! im getting the game on my b-day! hahahaha...i watched the OVA, final fantasy: last order...well, sort of okay but it was only 25 mins..hehehe..but oh well

nothing much today huh...hope u guys have a nice day! hope u didn't get in trouble in school today!(if u go to school)..lol...bya...



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