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Sunday, January 29, 2006


[mood: tired tired]

OMG! it's a new look

why its been a while don't u think?! well guess wat? haha..its so obvious! i changed the layout..lol..it's tifa..yay! well it's a tribute for being my new addcition! yes! im so in to FF:AC..gaaah..yea yea..new stuffs comes with new layout..lol..im so tired..rily lyk i've been working on this layout for 2 days..lol..

today was rather and interesting day..my friend in philippines were onlyn on ym! lol..lyk it's a big deal for u guys..but it is for me..dey never went onlyn ever b4..hehe..so weird..but it was fun talking with them again!oh! 3 cloud strife icons:

Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket

there ya go! i luv the 2nd one that i made..hehehe..watelse can i blab about!? oh! 11 more weeks of naruto filler episode and it's back to normal! waaa...so can't wait! and for the manga! i can't wait to see sasuke again..haha..wonder wat he looks lyk..the manga is very exciting these days..lol..but it's a cliff hanger! hahaa..im crazzie here..

so ne wayz, lj lj lj...i have a friend who offered me help on that site..and yesh! i'll update that site very soon and i'll ask u guys to check it out! laters ya'll!

[edited] mmm just wanna add this thing:naruto manga chapter 292 is out..it's awsome! haha and im crazie so i gtg


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