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Wednesday, February 8, 2006


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and no, it has nothing to do with graphic or html aaahh...can somebody tell me where to find the actual size or should i say bigger/larger version of this picture??? coz i really really need it so bad...well you see, im going to use that picture for my poetry...it suits the poem that i made which is based from a fanfic and i call it "THE WIND THAT BROUGHT MY LIFE" hahaha...i dunno if you guys would lyk to read that poem..lol..its pretty..ummm...gay? but maybe, if my teacher finished correcting it, with the errors and stuffs i might post it here..hahaha...

so nyeah, nothing much about me lately..just being crazzie as always and oh! i just love tomorrow and the day after it!!! its lyk a double feild trip!! wohooo! so later ya'll!! mwazh!

[edited]: okie dokie! problem solved imidiatley! lolz! thnx ysianel for the help!! haha! but still if you see larger version of that pic..umm...lemme know..kay? salamat nene!

[edited]: okay..guys thnx for trying to help me out here but i guess i ysianel's pic will do it..hehehe..gah...been stupid here lately..lolz..i forgot dat i can fix a picture so messy after resizing it..geeagain, salamat nene!

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