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Sunday, March 19, 2006

;&mood| ??? scared?
;&etc|listening to all about us by tatu..yet again..

the tatu girls' songs getting on my head now..

;&anywayz, for some unknown reason, i feel depress..unsure..scared..oohhh..i got serious problem huh..dn't u think..can't explain..

;&i finally figured out a name for our myo..but first, lenaisy must know it first..ahaha..so ysianel, go onlyn on msn or we can talk bout it tomorrow at school

;&i think i checked out everyones site before posting this..i hope so...

;&ohh...depression....or call it sadness..but speaking of those two, i read a book called "Almost Lost" by...mmm..lets not talk about the author coz i forgot her name ^_^..so ne ways, really loved the book...true story..talks about this guy samuel a.k.a sammy..so ya..really sad true story...i cried..2nd book that made me cried..wanna knw the first book that made me cried? oh! its harry potter and the half blood prince! waaaa..cried about teh harry/ginny thing and wen dumbledore died!!!!!

;&oh! to those who right clicked yesterday, lol...no comment..u knw who u r...call me weird but i myself is having fun tym right clicking this page..lol

;&ahhh..last night, my mom, bro, sis and dad..i should've said my family for teh sake of shortening this..but oh well..ya..they're arguing about the bowl and the spoon..mom said who's bowl is this...bro said it was my younger sis'...dad on my sis' side said that he should washed it coz he's already there washing some glass...and yea..they keep arguing and i was lyk ryt there sumwhere in the kitchen enjoying my supper..and u know wat? that bowl and spoon? they're mine..forgot to wash it =P

;&ooohhh...nothing..hehe..*yawn* so stressed...tsk..laters..gotta do sumting

P.S. change teh font colors..can u tell? ahahaha..oh well

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