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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

HI! so, i wasn't really contented with the changes that i made yesterday so here..i made more..i didn't go to skewl today which is great because of the freaking snow and blizzard...BBBbrrrrr...and then about 12(i think)my friend came to our house with her cousin and told me that only 7 of them in our class went to skewl....lucky i didn't go..but you know what? i hate it! coz i woke up 7:30 - for the first time(i usually wake up 8:00) - i dressed up...fixed my room and skewl stuffs...i also did my science hw - which is so late XD - ate breakfast then my mom called from work telling my dad: DON'T LET THE KIDS GO..then she went home..argh?! i woke up as early as i can and did my stupid homework last minute turned out that we're not going home...i mean skewl...you know how irritating that is? im suppose to wake up late if im not going to skewl...and im not suppose to do hw...ergh..thats how lazy i am..hehe nvm dat now... man i watched naruto episode 158 - downloaded last last day - i didn't watch it the day i download it...i thought it was boring(im wierd..don't u think? downloading eps and not watching it? LOL) and man it was funny! harharharhar...

BTW, about "HAKU" yes yes...i finally confirm that HAKU is a HE! thnx to those 2 person(u know who you are) who post comment on my post yesterday and answered my question...omg...i rily thought He was a SHE but nyeah...well, look at my theme...it's haku and the style is too girly for a guy ...i think im gonna change it...ummm..no not rily too lazy..hehehe..so i got a kakashi puppet -for my LA- to finish...and i think its gud bye for now! laters

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Monday, November 14, 2005

OMG! i changed the theme! harharhar..it's HAKU..is Haku a guy or a girl? im so confused about that..in anime Naruto keeps calling he/she "HE" but his/her apperance is a "SHE"...did I confused you? well dats all...dats all about the theme..hehehe..im so not contented..the buttons that i made annoys..the color..ummm...is okay..everythings okay..i think...btw, this was supposed to be my new theme

ya..it's very dark(and i love dark colors)..lol..and it's my fav character in Naruto..lol..im planning to make a superb?!(not rily) theme for NEW YEAR..awww..im not telling what is it..it's a surprise..it's all done...and ya..off with the theme...so skewl..skewl..skewl..skewl..is fine..i think..we have French retest...all of us..hmpf..worked on our LA puppet show and we're doing Naruto ep. 101..lol..i guess i told you that already...we'll right now, im looking for a background..and oh! can somebody please(and thank you) tell me where to find a good site to find a chibi naruto, sasuke, sakura and kakashi? coz' we need that for the puppet show..lol..well, i need to copy it..hehehe

mmmmm...wat else? oh! i almost screwed up the comp. again...it just got fixed yesterday and here i am trying to make stuffs more complicated...harharharharharhar

aaaaah! i have nothing to do now..im trying to make this post long(hope you notice it).....aha! HARRY POTTER AND THE GOBLET OF FIRE!! whew! out! in 3 days! GOD! me and my frends are going to watch it..i don't care if it snow! or rain fire...or the world falls apart(im exaggerating am i not?)but my point is, no matter what, im going to watch it

well, can't think of anything else to write(type actually) so i guess it's good-bye for now! no icons..too lazy...so ya! bye bye!

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Sunday, November 13, 2005


WOW! it's been so long since i last updated coz i screwed up our computer..lol...1st we just lost our internet connection..when we got that back, i did something and POOF the computer gone mental..then we get sumbody to fix it..then he didn't came..dad broke the modem...so need to replace it..argh..very long story but who cares about that ne more? lol...gonna change my theme tom. maybe..lol...and ya i got lots of stuffs to do...no icons or ne thing...just busy doing HWS..and i need to do handbills for our LA puppet show...btw, we're doing Naruto ep 101...it'll be fun...but hard to do i think..but we will try our best...awww...im off for now..brb tom.


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Friday, October 21, 2005

HI! well, i have nothing to do right now..i just finished reading some manga (naruto) so kewl..lol..never read a manga before...thought it was boring but it isn't..hehe ergh..im currently working on my next theme....and guess what?! i made a banner, for about 5 tyms...coz i always forget to save what im doing and this freaking error on psp 10 keeps on occuring so i have to close the program with my unsaved stuffS! and do them all over again! i hate that...lol..my fault anyway..i dunno..it's just that, it's not my habit to save files every single second..hahaha..

so btw, me, my brother and my sis are watching naruto..lol..i infected(i lyk this term) them with my addiction to naruto...hahaha..and then, my bro said that if ever me and my sis are going to fight agian my sis will loose..coz' he said that i know alot of new techniques from naruto...he's crazy..i think he said that because i always to this hand seal ysianel taught me...lol...and i can tell, he likes naruto..whew..the second anime that he likes(he's a dragonball z addict) my brother's pretty picky when it comes to anime..he didn't like inuyasha or gundam seed or any anime that i like...except naruto and hunterxhunter..lol..so off with that, i made some naruto icons..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com

they're kinda sucks in my opinion..lol..oh well, im off..later days

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Monday, October 17, 2005

HIIYA!! todays fine..well..not rily..im not tellin XD..lol..oh remember i said that im allergic to fake silver/gold necklaces..rings..bracelet..u get it..well, i tried wearing a NECKLACE..a fake one..just to try if im really allergic to it..coz i just can't believe that i am! but i took it off before gym..my neck was itchy..ergh..its so sad..still can't accept that i'll never get to wear those facy accesories..lol..hmmm well..

BTW...it's a new theme again! ahah! it's Naruto episode 101...it drives me crazy...makes me laugh so hard everytym i watch it...Sasuke's the funniest im telling you...it's just that, i never imagined that a so-called COOL GUY like him would act like that..I wonder if NEJI would do that..lol..dat'll be crazy..hehe well, here are some snap shots:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
HAHA! this is my favorite shot

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
ehem..the first time i watched this, i was rily concentrating..lol..hoping that they'll show kakashi's face..but u know what happened next

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
ta-da...kakashi's done!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
poor trio...

speaking of TRIO...the reason i lyk Naruto is it reminds me of the bond of HARRY, HERMIONE and RON...lol..just want you to know that...XD

well, watelse? icons? i made none...nono! i made tons! here:

harry potter
Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com

hmmm..i just noticed..im kinda retro..lol..if you know wat i mean =P! laters!

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Saturday, October 15, 2005

hey! well..ummm...im about to watch more of NARUTO eps...hehehe..and also, im currently making icons..lol...so anywho, my sis, told me yesterday about the "NEW" gundam seed series i thought I infected(nice term) her with my addiction to Naruto..but hell no..she's still a solid gundam seed addict..btw, the title is GUNDAM SEED ETERNITY as in woah! the title sounds kewl and the new MS, wow..just read this...but you know wat? i still consider this as a rumor..lol..

GUNDAM SEED DESTINY ETERNITY (Estimated launch Oct 2006)
Director: Mitsuo FUKUDA
Script: Chiaki Morosawa
Character design: Hisashi Hirai

Kei Minato (the star); voice actor not confirmed
Athrun Zala; Akira Ishida
Aishia Selinu; voice actor not confirmed
Leon Vizunado; voice actor not confirmed
Cagalli Yula Attha; Naomi Shindoh
Mwu La Fllaga; Takehito Koyasu
Maryu Ramiasu; Kotono Mitsuishi
Izak Jule; Tomokazu Seki
Deakka Elthman; Akira Sasanuma
Miriaria Haww; Megumi Toyoguchi
Lunamaria Hawke; Maaya Sakamoto
Meyrin Hawke; Fumiko Orikasa
Asutea Rainhato; Souichiro Hoshi
Geren Mageniasu; Kenichi Suzumura
Viru Ryumieru; voice actor not confirmed
Sakura Erusenu; voice actor not confirmed
Orin Girufato; voice actor not confirmed

C.E. 77. 4 years have past unknowingly after Kira Yamato and his companions defeated the ambitions of Gilbert Dullindal. Representative Athuran Zala of the international coalition, [ETERNITY]- an organisation bridging the Naturals and Coordinators and even to various countries in the world - busy fighting against rebel terrorists groups attempting to overthrow the new world order, together with his friend Kira, who four 13To counter this threat, Athrun sent Mwu, Yzak and Deakka to lead the army of Eternity. However, there is a traitor under the control of Asutea Rainhato - Geren Mageniasu, and his subordinates: Viru Ryumieru, Sakura Erusenu, and Orin Girufato. The battle came under control because of the 4 gundams piloted by them. Amidst these, the ace of Eternity, Kei Minato, piloting [SPLASHER GUNDAM], Aishia Selinu, piloting [GARNET GUNDAM], and Leon Vizunado, piloting [CELSIUS GUNDAM] obstructed his way. The new sword shall begin it's descent.

well dats all about gundam seed eternity...but duh! the release date?! oh well...

did you know that....
it's easier to climb up stairs than going down stairs when it's dark?!...lol...coz for the first time in the month of october, the lights are or i was going down stairs and i fell and it hurts!

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Thursday, October 13, 2005


waoooh!! im still alive and kicking..i was getting bored..i thought i lost my interest on OTAKU..but what the heck?! im here now! back(as if i was gone for a year..hehe) first thing first...ta-da! you can see it! very clear..new theme...still itachi uchiha....new avi...new..ummmm..introduction? ahihihihi..well, i dunno what to say..lemme think for a sec while you're checking this outt...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com

oh okay! now i know what to say..hehe..im so addicted to NARUTO!! awww...i know this anime the first time it came out...but i wasn't interested at it at first..but now, i spent the whole week(the main reason i haven't been in otaku)watching the episodes and the 1st movie..not the best but nyeah it's kinda okay...and oh! HARRY POTTER! HARRY POTTER AND THE GOBLET OF FIRE IS OUT IN 35 DAYS!!!! gggaaaaahd! im dying! im so gonna watch it...hehe..well, it's been a wekk but there's nothing much about me rily...hehe..so it's goodbye for now!

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Thursday, October 6, 2005


heeey! it's been a long tym..lol..not quite..so btw, skewls so fine..but, im still kinda sick....it SNOWED yesterday!! aaah!! luckily i bought my winter jacket so it wasn't that cold..but still, we went outside during lunch break and GOD! my fingers were numb.. and i feel so clumsy..i don't like it when it snow! yet today, i still went outside with my friends..we went at the back of the skewl..have snowball fight...lots of things happened..like we have a class discussion about the name of our dearie spider(its a she btw) some said EVIL BARNEY...TIMPY GECKO(not sure) SHELOD CHARLOTTE AND MANY MANY MORE...and i bought this gum, gave it to a frend..it was sort of a prank..coz' i gave it to him and you know what happened? the color of the gum is green so his lips, teeth tounge turned to green when he ate it! hahaha...dat was funny....

hmpf..change the theme yesterday...got bored with my Meyrin Hawke theme so i replaced it with..ta-da..Uchiha Itachi! harharharhar...one of my fav character...im not done fixing(too busy) my site yet so ya..and oh! about the icon..that i said i made a mistake, it wasn't that the "k" is missing..it was there but you probably can't see it..lol..it was the sasuke one...i spelled Uchiha Uchicha..lol..sowie..

watelse? oh! i was so annoyed with my mom, my dad's and my cellphone...geez..so i was sleeping i woke up 5am..dunno y..i slept again..the cellphones, which they set to alarm at 7am was all in my room!so guess wat!? it all alarmed the same time and it was so annoying..i reached for them turned them off..go back to sleep and whew! woke up again coz ya...it was a long annoying story

and oh! yesterday, i was almost blown away by the wind..so strong..lol..it was kinda funny tho..coz' i thought im heavy enough not to blown by the wind..but i was almost...lol

well well well..i dunno watelse to say except that i watched episode 101 of Naruto...that was so funny...the trio(sasuke,sakura and naruto) are trying to find out how Kakashi looks like...hahaha..

geez..later days! bye bye!

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Monday, October 3, 2005


hmmpf...lemme see...skewls fine...but im not...since yesterday, no..the day before yesterday, my head aches so badly..i got a runny nose..and i feel so exhausted often lately..and worst of all, i think i have a COLD..i can't sleep last night...i slept lyk 1 in the morning woke up 4am..slept again..woke up 8:15am...argh...i hate this...i don't feel well....im guessing that my head ache will be worse if we went outside for gym today..but thanks to the rain, we get to stay inside(we can't use our gym yet...they're fixing the floor and almost done =p) so we did wall climbing...ergh..

i got math test...math homeworks...science homework...and my brain's about to explode!

But hey! even if i don't feel well, i still got times to make icons:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com

yes yes yes..been making too much gundam seed destiny icons lately so i think i should make other icons..like characters from naruto..and ofcourse, my favorites... Sasuke and Itachi Uchicha...harharharhar...not only that im fond of characters who appears rarely on a series, im also fond of characters with cold eyes/attitude and eerie and mysterious and kewl..u name i all...

well, i guess im off for today..need to rest..hehehe..*sniff*..laters ya'll!

P.S. hey! guess what?! noticed the sasuke icon that i made? i did something wrong on it...can you tell what?..ahiihhihi..and im just too lazy to edit it..so my bad..

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Sunday, October 2, 2005


my brother's back...yeaaargh...oh well...finally! i watched the last episode of gundam seed destiny...and that was Soooooooooo...sooo..bad...i mean...i expected alot of action(they gave me lots but crappy fights)i expected it to be as emotional as the first sequel..and it wasn't..things happened so quickly..one thing i like is that Dullindal died...yeppers! it was d best part(u can't blame me..i hate him so much)...but i rily can't accept that that was it..the end...aaahh...reminds me of inuyasha's ending...grrrr...but hey! at least, it ease my annoyance upon reading this:

Fukuda has another interview lately again. Though he has been quite worn-out because of various pressure, he may challenge to have a third series and he is thinking of choosing 3 characters from GSD as his next series main characters.

hahaha...found dat sumwhere...there must be a 3rd sequel or else...i dunno...hehehe

btw, my site's new look...ta-da...do u guys like it? im trying to make as red as possible...coz ya..i hate pink(not the singer..just the color)well, new look so new avi..here it is:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

new site theme is meyrin hawke....been fond of that character lately..lol..im always fond of characters who has small apperances in a series..hehe..i made a wallpaper...2 of them but otaku didn't seem to post the other...well, i think otaku don't post wallpapers that looks like this:

well, i call it angel from above:lacus clyne..hehe...i foudn the pic sumwer..i have nothing to do yesterday so decided i can make it a wallpaper..lol...

well, laters!

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