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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Conversation.Sub Teacher~!

;&mood: bwahahaha EVIL
;&etc:listening to "all the thing she said"->>got stucked on my head<<


ehem! well, uh ummm...lets see....

;&still addicted to that coffe candy..yea..it coffe candy..i only have 4 and i really really need to get another pack or two!!

last night, talked to ysianel on teh phone..mmm...wanna bout it? i'll tell u alil'

;&well yea talked for more dan 2 hrs? ryt ysianel? or maybe not..i dunno but the point is i talked to her about, well we both shared our thought about those back stabbers/not-so-real people..geee..its been so long but last night was the only time i blurt it all out to ysianel..i kept wat i feel towards some of our classmates who acts lyk angels in front of us but they're devils inside!! gaahd..lyk i really can't name names...but yeah..rily hate their guts..dats the bottom line..lolz..but yea.


;&in the middle of our conversation, i was on the kitchen eating alone...then my bro came from behind! scared me to death! i thought i was alone there talking to ysianel on teh phone! almost fell on teh chair..gee..and he's lyk laughing again, lyk wat he did when he gave me dat styrofoam and i thougth it was a food..bahhh..

;&school, we had a sub teacher..he's cool..lolz..we lyk know him..we talked to him lyk a friend and ysianel(nene) said she would kick him even if he's a teacher coz he's teasing her about her height (hihihi---wag ma galit ysianel)and yeah..lolz..we talked about a lot of stuffs..from school to my brother to ysianels' mom and krel's cousin..hahaha..baaah..watever..so ya. guess imm going now..lolz

OH!! ALL THE THING SHE SAID!! got addicted to that soong! so so good..click here to listen to it..haha its my atown

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Tuesday, March 14, 2006


;&mood: hungry HUNGRY
;&etc:head phone's on..listening to nothing tho;with my new addiction, x.o. coffe candy...


howdy all? lolz..im pretty good..i think..well yea..its been a long day as usual..

;&since last week..no..last last week, i've been eating x.o coffe candy non stop...i mean, befor i eat breakfast in the morning..while i walk to school..sumtyms at school..before i go to be..in teh shower..on the computer...i mean everywer..im always eating it!! maann..im so addicted to coffe now..

;&school, we had math first period...tons of hws...as always..then, taa after lunch..im on sewing now..gee..i wanna be in cooking...and last two period's science which is such a killer! so so BORING! almost feel asleep coz my friend is lyk combing my hair..lolz..so ya..then oh! i was lyk wake but the inside of me was asleep and ysianel gave me a lil' push..which actually isn't alil..it was too much..lolz..that i kinda squeek..lolz..

;&ne wayz, i've been watching old old anime that i used to watched way back when i was in gr 4 or 3? lyk flame of recca...lolz..and also been watching weiss kruez i know i watched it already..can't remember if i finished it tho..im still pretty familiar with the ending which really suck =P

well i guess thats all to talk about..rily starving..gotta get some coffe candy..it satisfy me..lolz

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Monday, March 13, 2006


;&mood: mixemotions CHEERFUL
;&etc:listening to BEEP by PCD;mmmmm...

do you like it? hate it?

lolz...so ya..this is mah new layout...me and ysianel are supposed to put this up 16 but got bored so ya...she'll be putting her's later to..i guess..hehe ne wayz, do u lyk it? despise it? awwww...oh well...i'll be putting this up til saint patricks..lolz..as u can see, its greeen...hehehe..lolz..

it has been a while since i last updated...lots of stuffs happened..so much that i can't even remember some of them..=P..ne wayz, for today, we had options first period..lolz...tehn ins, its lyk a work time and freee time for others..hehe..followed by math...i did a math retest coz i got bad =(...im so eager to know wat did i got on teh retest...after math, we had gym..oh..we did aerobics..geee..den, french..hahaha..ysianel did the same mistake on the restest she took..she's so depressed..lolz..then science, we checked our test..then last period we spent it watching clash of the titans..which is so gay..those not-so-real creatures..mann...funny tho..hahaha..oh well..ya..that's all i can for today..

i haven't been around lately huh..coz i dunno..guess too lazy to update and visit sites..lolz..sowie bout taht..

P.Shahaha i got a total of 101 gbook entries..lolz..thnx for that.

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Wednesday, March 8, 2006


;&mood: mixemotions mix emotions
;&etc:listening to one last cry;getting bored witht prince of persia

yay! i got it!

so ya..yesterday, i said that i would wait for my dad to get the harry potter dvd..but, its just that i can't so i had to walk to walmart to buy it myself..my mom followed me tho..hahaha..and i enjoyed it! i keep watching the part where harry's in the tub..=p..can't blame me..hahahaoh well..


i was so pissed while watching the movie..geee..my dad keeps asking me wat'll happen next..i was lyk, do you want me to read the book or watch the movie..and my bro is talking nonsense he's so loud i couldn't hear..my sis pisses me..she's blaming me that our computer froze..she said im d one always using it..and im lyk, dn't worry that'll be the last tym u'll use this computer then, it all settled down..so ya..


lots of stuffs happened... we skied again during gym..we had a math test first 2 period... hope i got good at it...we did the growth statement..blah blah..talked about our former classmate who moved to US...and watched bleach ep. 71 in the computer lab in our school(gonna watch naruto 175 RAW laters)..didn't get to finish it tho..and ofcourse, we made asnow man during lunch break...hahaha..it was a pretty fun day today..whew..so ya..laters!!

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Tuesday, March 7, 2006


;&mood: waaaa OBSESSED
;&etc:panting;excited for teh DVD


yessh! its OUUtt! gottta get that DVD! hp gof..omgg.im getting it later..gotta wait for dad to come home..so ya..wheww!! i just got back from school
pretty exhausted considering that me, my bro and sis were have a race! it was pretty slippery and dirty outside..finally snows starting to melt weee...so ya..i thought it was only me and my sis then i look back and saw my brother running!! so i run as fast as i can........

mmm..watelse? oh yesterday during lunch, me n my frend went to games room..lolz..then there was this nice sub teacher who made us play..just 8 or 9 of us a trivia question game..there's about family guy, simpsons, futurama etc etc but no anime =(..so he asked who's the name of the lobster in little mermaid..i wishperd to my friend sylvester and she raised her hand and yelled it out..and i burst out laughing coz i knew that dat was wrong...and the answer is SEbastian..haha...i dunno but the way she said it, it was very funny..lolz..

and oh! we watched a play today..it was pretty good..funny actually..lolz..it happened fast..lolz..well laters!

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Friday, March 3, 2006


;&mood: innocent innocent?
;&etc:watching 101 dalmatians lol;trying to crush the X.O coffe candy

It feels a lot lighter now!!

whew! finally! gahd! atlast! im done with my SS budget of work...whew! i finished the comic and my last article last night and blah blahs..

todayrather an interresting day...ohhh...first, we had 2 periods spent talking about ....s3x! hahaha..it pretty akward..still akward for me..hahaha..and last period, our teacher answered annonymous questions..and one of the questions is can girls have sperm cells?...geee..that's so stupd..i think..but then, it made me laugh..so it's all good..hahaha and GYm class was rather more interesting...well, we went outdoors again...this tym we played broom ball the ball was hard(i was the goalie so i have to black it with my feet or the broom) and oh! dis guy keep wacking my feet instead of the ball...lolz...also we did outdoor soccer! im the goalie again coz i dn't wanna move around! it was pretty slippery coz of the ice..hahaha...oh well..thats it for today! laters dude and dudettes!

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Wednesday, March 1, 2006


;&mood: goofy go0ooffy
;&etc:listening to thank you;typing this;being a bit hyper =P

bwahahahaha..omg..bordem can lead to hyperness

HELLO LADIES AND GERMS! gentlemen i mean..ne wayz, ignore me...ahaha..well we're done with the painting..yes! our class room looks pretty good ^_^...hahaha..well we had new setting positions new everything(not rily)..and blah blah...

anywho, first thing this morning, we had gym! outdoors! wat did we do??? SKIIINGG i brought my ski pants but didn't get to wear it coz to laazzy...so yeah! and oh! i didn't fell while skiing o.O..isn't that awwssoome? for the first time! hahaha...i just hate falling coz then i wouldn't be able to get up on my own...ahhh...

well, me and ysianel(lenaisy) just wrote down the names of our favorite characters from our favorite animes during language arts/ options periods..well, can't blame us...we had nothing to do..well we're suppose to do something but then we didn't...guess we're laazy? haha and yea after that, last two period, we got bored then ohhh! an angel sent from above!(im a liar) our math teacher! came in to our room and then started crying, though it sounds lyk she's laughing! maaann that totally cured my boredom we laugh lyk crazy! almost cried becoz i was laughing so haard...ah well...


wateles??OOOH! naruto episode fillers will end in 5 weeekss!! aaah! can't w8! ryt now, im watching episode 174 of naruto in raw..ugghh...gotta handle it..eheh..gonna watch blech too...if there's some =P! so, laters!

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Monday, February 27, 2006


;&mood: eager eager
;&etc:listening to asterisk;typing this =P

I muuusttt...ressiisst!!

okkayy...im good! im fine today...phew! every nerve of my body tells me to change the layout today..waaaa...buutt....i must reeessiisst...i musn'ttt put teh layout today or tomorrow...or the day after tomorrow...geee...coz me and ysianel are suppose to put our new layouts at the same date =p..well, our layout is lyk..mm...a sign dat we ship the character(can't tell who)..yeaa! we're shippers now..wooOot! (d ba ysianel?) hihihi..ah well

today we started painting our classroom with primer! wee! it pretty stinks according to some of my classmate but honest to god, it wasn't that bad O_o...the smell dat is..well other people in our skewl stinks alot than the primer! gee...no hitting-on-the-face happened today ^_^;...it was all good...i think..and jsut b4 we got home, we watched a movie: five children and it thats what the movie is called...pretty boring so far...it was a bit simillar to narnia =)...oh well..march is comming! my bday! jaja! and spring break!! wooooOoot! so ya laters!!!

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Saturday, February 25, 2006


;&mood: hungry hungry
;&etc:watching dragon ball gt

oh damn! today's crazy!

it's 11:00 pm and yeah! from school til i get home, everything seems crazzzie...okay, let's start with school...ummm...pretty much, we did nothing but scrub the walls! we're painting our room! yiha! it was tiring but at the same time fun...haha.....ne wayz, today at school, there's this guy, a jerk, a freak who hit my classmyt on her face with this wet rug he's holding..geee...and i remember him telling one of our classmyt not to fight with girls...geee....so ya..that's all we did @ school..

and at home...

to my surprise, about 10:00 pm, my bro brought a plate of.... ummm....well at first i thought it was "chicharon"(filipino food..i think..it goes with diff color and taste) it was white and the texture was so right..i looked at him...in my mind, i was lyk, "what's gotten into him?" but then i get one from the plate and take a bite then...puuffff! it was a styrofoam!!!! geeee......and man did he crawl on the ground laughing at me after i found out that it wasn't food! and i was lyk, mad but laughing too...and he's gonna try it on our lil sis...he told me to shut up and dn't tell her so i won't...i will try at least...i'll tell u if my sis fell for it..hehehe...she's pretty much more mature than me and has a greater common sense...lolz...laters! hope this isn't that long as i thought it would be...=p and oh! my new layout! will be up march 16th! haha... jst w8 for it...i hope u'll luv it....one person here in otaku saw it first.....

[edited]: my sis almost fell for it! but she smelled it and asked me what it is and im lyk laughing...drolling(eww)...im insane...hahaha...i

didn't bother ask or smell it..i was just hungry i got for it! hehehe

i'll get to everyone's site later okay? jajaja!

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Thursday, February 23, 2006


;&mood: confuse confuse
;&etc:watching naruto 170

should i change TA?

waaaa...should i change my teacher's adviser? coz my friend said she's changing...but then, i wanna change too but there's a part of me that doesn't want to..geee...imma weirdo..ah well..lets see bout it tonight...tsk tsk! damn! stuck with gigantic pile of hws! awwww....my head hurts! can't w8 for tomorrow! geee....hope i finish this stupid social study budget of work and oh! just for extra pain in the butt, i forgot to bring my math scrap book! dang! im suppose to bring it home today so i could work on it! grrrr.....

ne wayz, that's all i have to share...haha...i rily rily seriously have to finish this hws....so baboosh and have a nice day!


and oh! i'll be changing layout soon..mmm..probably....nxt nxt week? just before the spring break or my bday..lolz

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