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Thursday, February 9, 2006


[mood: cheerful cheerful]
[track:so sick;ne-yo*stuck in my head]

today was so fun!!!

oh yes! today is fun! lots of fuuun! okay okay..first, we went to watch a play...the play was pretty good for me i think it is it's called Smokes Screen hahaha and after the play, we went to the FORKS(market/mall) here in Winnipeg totally cool! though i fall a couple of times and my knee hurts...no...actually, ryt now, my knee is numb....aaaah...but still good! i might put up some pics of me and my friends here...the first 1 hour on the forks was pretty..ummm...irritating and head breaking?! i thought that we're just going to spend the rest of the day looking 'round the place but we did some scavenger hunt and it's graded ^^...hahaha...but oh well!

and yesterday!! maaan! WINTER FESTIVAL! we're going tobogganing...i wanna go ice skating but nah...i wanted to but we have to wear helments! for safety! geee...no thanks! im just gonna ride on crazzie carpet/tobogan! hihihi! so yea! i hope im going to have fun tomorrow! same goes for u guys! laters!


that was taken today! hahaha im the one with the blue jacket and beside me is krel and ysianel

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