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Saturday, February 25, 2006


;&mood: hungry hungry
;&etc:watching dragon ball gt

oh damn! today's crazy!

it's 11:00 pm and yeah! from school til i get home, everything seems crazzzie...okay, let's start with school...ummm...pretty much, we did nothing but scrub the walls! we're painting our room! yiha! it was tiring but at the same time fun...haha.....ne wayz, today at school, there's this guy, a jerk, a freak who hit my classmyt on her face with this wet rug he's holding..geee...and i remember him telling one of our classmyt not to fight with girls...geee....so ya..that's all we did @ school..

and at home...

to my surprise, about 10:00 pm, my bro brought a plate of.... ummm....well at first i thought it was "chicharon"(filipino food..i think..it goes with diff color and taste) it was white and the texture was so right..i looked at him...in my mind, i was lyk, "what's gotten into him?" but then i get one from the plate and take a bite then...puuffff! it was a styrofoam!!!! geeee......and man did he crawl on the ground laughing at me after i found out that it wasn't food! and i was lyk, mad but laughing too...and he's gonna try it on our lil sis...he told me to shut up and dn't tell her so i won't...i will try at least...i'll tell u if my sis fell for it..hehehe...she's pretty much more mature than me and has a greater common sense...lolz...laters! hope this isn't that long as i thought it would be...=p and oh! my new layout! will be up march 16th! haha... jst w8 for it...i hope u'll luv it....one person here in otaku saw it first.....

[edited]: my sis almost fell for it! but she smelled it and asked me what it is and im lyk laughing...drolling(eww)...im insane...hahaha...i

didn't bother ask or smell it..i was just hungry i got for it! hehehe

i'll get to everyone's site later okay? jajaja!

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