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Wednesday, March 8, 2006


;&mood: mixemotions mix emotions
;&etc:listening to one last cry;getting bored witht prince of persia

yay! i got it!

so ya..yesterday, i said that i would wait for my dad to get the harry potter dvd..but, its just that i can't so i had to walk to walmart to buy it myself..my mom followed me tho..hahaha..and i enjoyed it! i keep watching the part where harry's in the tub..=p..can't blame me..hahahaoh well..


i was so pissed while watching the movie..geee..my dad keeps asking me wat'll happen next..i was lyk, do you want me to read the book or watch the movie..and my bro is talking nonsense he's so loud i couldn't hear..my sis pisses me..she's blaming me that our computer froze..she said im d one always using it..and im lyk, dn't worry that'll be the last tym u'll use this computer then, it all settled down..so ya..


lots of stuffs happened... we skied again during gym..we had a math test first 2 period... hope i got good at it...we did the growth statement..blah blah..talked about our former classmate who moved to US...and watched bleach ep. 71 in the computer lab in our school(gonna watch naruto 175 RAW laters)..didn't get to finish it tho..and ofcourse, we made asnow man during lunch break...hahaha..it was a pretty fun day today..whew..so ya..laters!!

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