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Thursday, February 23, 2006


;&mood: confuse confuse
;&etc:watching naruto 170

should i change TA?

waaaa...should i change my teacher's adviser? coz my friend said she's changing...but then, i wanna change too but there's a part of me that doesn't want to..geee...imma weirdo..ah well..lets see bout it tonight...tsk tsk! damn! stuck with gigantic pile of hws! awwww....my head hurts! can't w8 for tomorrow! geee....hope i finish this stupid social study budget of work and oh! just for extra pain in the butt, i forgot to bring my math scrap book! dang! im suppose to bring it home today so i could work on it! grrrr.....

ne wayz, that's all i have to share...haha...i rily rily seriously have to finish this hws....so baboosh and have a nice day!


and oh! i'll be changing layout soon..mmm..probably....nxt nxt week? just before the spring break or my bday..lolz

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