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Tuesday, March 14, 2006


;&mood: hungry HUNGRY
;&etc:head phone's on..listening to nothing tho;with my new addiction, x.o. coffe candy...


howdy all? lolz..im pretty good..i think..well yea..its been a long day as usual..

;&since last week..no..last last week, i've been eating x.o coffe candy non stop...i mean, befor i eat breakfast in the morning..while i walk to school..sumtyms at school..before i go to be..in teh shower..on the computer...i mean everywer..im always eating it!! maann..im so addicted to coffe now..

;&school, we had math first period...tons of hws...as always..then, taa after lunch..im on sewing now..gee..i wanna be in cooking...and last two period's science which is such a killer! so so BORING! almost feel asleep coz my friend is lyk combing my hair..lolz..so ya..then oh! i was lyk wake but the inside of me was asleep and ysianel gave me a lil' push..which actually isn't alil..it was too much..lolz..that i kinda squeek..lolz..

;&ne wayz, i've been watching old old anime that i used to watched way back when i was in gr 4 or 3? lyk flame of recca...lolz..and also been watching weiss kruez i know i watched it already..can't remember if i finished it tho..im still pretty familiar with the ending which really suck =P

well i guess thats all to talk about..rily starving..gotta get some coffe candy..it satisfy me..lolz

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