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Monday, March 13, 2006


;&mood: mixemotions CHEERFUL
;&etc:listening to BEEP by PCD;mmmmm...

do you like it? hate it?

lolz...so ya..this is mah new layout...me and ysianel are supposed to put this up 16 but got bored so ya...she'll be putting her's later to..i guess..hehe ne wayz, do u lyk it? despise it? awwww...oh well...i'll be putting this up til saint patricks..lolz..as u can see, its greeen...hehehe..lolz..

it has been a while since i last updated...lots of stuffs happened..so much that i can't even remember some of them..=P..ne wayz, for today, we had options first period..lolz...tehn ins, its lyk a work time and freee time for others..hehe..followed by math...i did a math retest coz i got bad =(...im so eager to know wat did i got on teh retest...after math, we had gym..oh..we did aerobics..geee..den, french..hahaha..ysianel did the same mistake on the restest she took..she's so depressed..lolz..then science, we checked our test..then last period we spent it watching clash of the titans..which is so gay..those not-so-real creatures..mann...funny tho..hahaha..oh well..ya..that's all i can for today..

i haven't been around lately huh..coz i dunno..guess too lazy to update and visit sites..lolz..sowie bout taht..

P.Shahaha i got a total of 101 gbook entries..lolz..thnx for that.

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