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Monday, February 27, 2006


;&mood: eager eager
;&etc:listening to asterisk;typing this =P

I muuusttt...ressiisst!!

okkayy...im good! im fine today...phew! every nerve of my body tells me to change the layout today..waaaa...buutt....i must reeessiisst...i musn'ttt put teh layout today or tomorrow...or the day after tomorrow...geee...coz me and ysianel are suppose to put our new layouts at the same date =p..well, our layout is lyk..mm...a sign dat we ship the character(can't tell who)..yeaa! we're shippers now..wooOot! (d ba ysianel?) hihihi..ah well

today we started painting our classroom with primer! wee! it pretty stinks according to some of my classmate but honest to god, it wasn't that bad O_o...the smell dat is..well other people in our skewl stinks alot than the primer! gee...no hitting-on-the-face happened today ^_^;...it was all good...i think..and jsut b4 we got home, we watched a movie: five children and it thats what the movie is called...pretty boring so far...it was a bit simillar to narnia =)...oh well..march is comming! my bday! jaja! and spring break!! wooooOoot! so ya laters!!!

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