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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Conversation.Sub Teacher~!

;&mood: bwahahaha EVIL
;&etc:listening to "all the thing she said"->>got stucked on my head<<


ehem! well, uh ummm...lets see....

;&still addicted to that coffe candy..yea..it coffe candy..i only have 4 and i really really need to get another pack or two!!

last night, talked to ysianel on teh phone..mmm...wanna bout it? i'll tell u alil'

;&well yea talked for more dan 2 hrs? ryt ysianel? or maybe not..i dunno but the point is i talked to her about, well we both shared our thought about those back stabbers/not-so-real people..geee..its been so long but last night was the only time i blurt it all out to ysianel..i kept wat i feel towards some of our classmates who acts lyk angels in front of us but they're devils inside!! gaahd..lyk i really can't name names...but yeah..rily hate their guts..dats the bottom line..lolz..but yea.


;&in the middle of our conversation, i was on the kitchen eating alone...then my bro came from behind! scared me to death! i thought i was alone there talking to ysianel on teh phone! almost fell on teh chair..gee..and he's lyk laughing again, lyk wat he did when he gave me dat styrofoam and i thougth it was a food..bahhh..

;&school, we had a sub teacher..he's cool..lolz..we lyk know him..we talked to him lyk a friend and ysianel(nene) said she would kick him even if he's a teacher coz he's teasing her about her height (hihihi---wag ma galit ysianel)and yeah..lolz..we talked about a lot of stuffs..from school to my brother to ysianels' mom and krel's cousin..hahaha..baaah..watever..so ya. guess imm going now..lolz

OH!! ALL THE THING SHE SAID!! got addicted to that soong! so so good..click here to listen to it..haha its my atown

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