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Wednesday, March 1, 2006


;&mood: goofy go0ooffy
;&etc:listening to thank you;typing this;being a bit hyper =P

bwahahahaha..omg..bordem can lead to hyperness

HELLO LADIES AND GERMS! gentlemen i mean..ne wayz, ignore me...ahaha..well we're done with the painting..yes! our class room looks pretty good ^_^...hahaha..well we had new setting positions new everything(not rily)..and blah blah...

anywho, first thing this morning, we had gym! outdoors! wat did we do??? SKIIINGG i brought my ski pants but didn't get to wear it coz to laazzy...so yeah! and oh! i didn't fell while skiing o.O..isn't that awwssoome? for the first time! hahaha...i just hate falling coz then i wouldn't be able to get up on my own...ahhh...

well, me and ysianel(lenaisy) just wrote down the names of our favorite characters from our favorite animes during language arts/ options periods..well, can't blame us...we had nothing to do..well we're suppose to do something but then we didn't...guess we're laazy? haha and yea after that, last two period, we got bored then ohhh! an angel sent from above!(im a liar) our math teacher! came in to our room and then started crying, though it sounds lyk she's laughing! maaann that totally cured my boredom we laugh lyk crazy! almost cried becoz i was laughing so haard...ah well...


wateles??OOOH! naruto episode fillers will end in 5 weeekss!! aaah! can't w8! ryt now, im watching episode 174 of naruto in raw..ugghh...gotta handle it..eheh..gonna watch blech too...if there's some =P! so, laters!

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