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Friday, March 3, 2006


;&mood: innocent innocent?
;&etc:watching 101 dalmatians lol;trying to crush the X.O coffe candy

It feels a lot lighter now!!

whew! finally! gahd! atlast! im done with my SS budget of work...whew! i finished the comic and my last article last night and blah blahs..

todayrather an interresting day...ohhh...first, we had 2 periods spent talking about ....s3x! hahaha..it pretty akward..still akward for me..hahaha..and last period, our teacher answered annonymous questions..and one of the questions is can girls have sperm cells?...geee..that's so stupd..i think..but then, it made me laugh..so it's all good..hahaha and GYm class was rather more interesting...well, we went outdoors again...this tym we played broom ball the ball was hard(i was the goalie so i have to black it with my feet or the broom) and oh! dis guy keep wacking my feet instead of the ball...lolz...also we did outdoor soccer! im the goalie again coz i dn't wanna move around! it was pretty slippery coz of the ice..hahaha...oh well..thats it for today! laters dude and dudettes!

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