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Tuesday, March 7, 2006


;&mood: waaaa OBSESSED
;&etc:panting;excited for teh DVD


yessh! its OUUtt! gottta get that DVD! hp gof..omgg.im getting it later..gotta wait for dad to come home..so ya..wheww!! i just got back from school
pretty exhausted considering that me, my bro and sis were have a race! it was pretty slippery and dirty outside..finally snows starting to melt weee...so ya..i thought it was only me and my sis then i look back and saw my brother running!! so i run as fast as i can........

mmm..watelse? oh yesterday during lunch, me n my frend went to games room..lolz..then there was this nice sub teacher who made us play..just 8 or 9 of us a trivia question game..there's about family guy, simpsons, futurama etc etc but no anime =(..so he asked who's the name of the lobster in little mermaid..i wishperd to my friend sylvester and she raised her hand and yelled it out..and i burst out laughing coz i knew that dat was wrong...and the answer is SEbastian..haha...i dunno but the way she said it, it was very funny..lolz..

and oh! we watched a play today..it was pretty good..funny actually..lolz..it happened fast..lolz..well laters!

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