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Tuesday, December 6, 2005


Does anyone know how to put music on a site not midi form, but from a CD?

Like to have the music play in the background when the person enters your site? If anyone could PM me advice/instructions, or even leave a comment on someone who can I'd be very grateful.


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Saturday, December 3, 2005



Man, yesterday I was a little bummed out about not being able to go to Borders with Ganymede and Angels. *sigh* My mom didn't feel safe with me going with Ganymede driving in the pouring rain yesterday. She thought she was a little too young still to know how to drive in such conditions.

So I decided to wrap some christmas presents and clean the room a bit. Finished coloring one of my pics, went on the net a bit, then just laid in bed working on a present. (homemade gifts. ^__^)

Then I see someone who looks like my sister Chrissy walk by the dining room table. (Oh! I had my glasses off.) I thought it was her, but realized the person was too tall to be her.

Then my big brother Angel, comes doing this HILARIOUS shuffle walk with his hands held closely to his chest and hunched over saying in the most HILARIOUS voice, "Ello!! I'm Chrissy!! I don't know what's going on!! OH!!! I'M AN OLD LADY!!OH DEAR!! Stop chasing me!!"

I cracked up!! Not only from his accurate impression of Chrissy, but because he was wearing one of her dress pajamas!!!! LOL!!!!!! It was like one of those old lady nightgowns with a flannel design!!

Those of you who don't know what my big brother looks like, well, his about six foot tall and weigh around two hundred something pounds. I don't really make a big deal on looks, but see a man like his in that nightgown...I bursted up laughing like I've never done before.

My other sister Nana comes in my room and it at the door with this shocked and hilarious face on. She started laughing hard too along with my little sis. Then we heard Chrissy shouting that it wasn't funny to take off her nightgown IMMEDIATELY!!

I couldn't help it but shout back, "But he's so pretty in it!!!" That made us all laugh so hard...*Wipes eyes* I was crying and laughing so hard I almost gagged.

*Sighs* I told him later he should wear dresses more often that I'll even find him a nice bonnet next time.

See Ya Later!!

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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Sorry! Comments are now located near the top!! I was experimenting with my site and stuff and I really love how weird and cool it looks! The theme is from that wonderful manga: Hijaru no Go. I LOVE that series!! ^__^ My fanart is also next to my posts now!! YAYNESS!! I drew a new pic you guys should hurry and go see!!

Okay about today. *coughs* I had a math final today and had a fever right in the middle of class. It was not fun...Still I took it and it took a lot longer than I thought it would!! O.O Some of the stuff I had to just stare at for a LONG time.

When I went out to go back and sell my book there was a free Starbucks samples. Some holiday oriented lattes and hot chocolates. Except when I drank the latte I think I was suppose to put sugar or cream stuff in it. Eh...drank it straight with nothing. Woke me up a little.

At the book store they only gave me$34.00 for an $85.00 book. The guy looked really sorry to tell me. I kinda fell asleep at the counter and I was like, "Huh? Whatever, I'll take anything."

Let's see? Got a long due letter from my friend Kat. Learn a lot and very glad that she's decided to change her life. ^__^

Oh yeah!! I'M MAKING A CHRISTMAS LIST!! YAYNESS!!!! WEll, post laters!! And encase any one is wonder Chili the chihuahua went home for the holidays. What a mooch!! *lol* ^__^

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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

   Christmas Is A Coming!! ^__^
I've been doing my shopping yesterday and today and I'm very surprise at how organized I am this year. I have everyone practically. (Except for friends that is.) Vaya al mercado con mi mama despues mis clases. ^__^ I'm going to go with my mom to the mercado after my classes, for you english folk out there! ^__^

I wanted to get Joe and Ben, my nephews gifts. they have some cool and cheap stuff down there. I'm gonna use my refund book money on my friends. And Faye-chan I saw the PERFECT gift for you!!!!! Made me ^______^ SMILE!!!
Can't wait for you guys to come home!!

Oh and Ganymede? Call me about that Borders trip, k? ^__^

Loves and Hugs for all you people out there!!!!!

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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

There's been a light brown chihuahua wandering around the neighbor this week. It's a bit funny he use to hide under the old van and just sit there shaking. When I was out with my dad on Tuesday. (He was trimming the frontyard.) I held my hand out and got him to come over to me. My dad was shocked seeing he was scared of everyone else. Since then he started sleeping next to the front door steps. Later my mom felt sorry for him and decided to let him in the garage seeing him shake like that. ^__^

Next day my big brother couldn't stand seeing it at the door still shaking. He took it in the house and held it close to him. I gave him a bath and he was surprising good. And definitely he was a shade littler when I was finished. Put him back in the garage until it was a little warmer outside. When I was drying him with a title he would shake that dog shake. Man me laugh real hard because it looks as if he's gonna jump off the floor. He also bumped his poor little head on the bathroom cabinet, but he didn't care. His little was wagging a lot and he definitely looked a lot happier. My little sis gave him two strips of bacon and the little guy gobbled it up as if it were nothing. They say pets resemble their owners...hm...I wonder if that's how I look when I eat. I'm sure my little sis does!! LOL

He's so cute!! My big brother said if he doesn't go back home and we get to keep him we'll be like a complete Mexican family with the chihuahua.

Made me laugh. Hm, imagine myself with a chihuahua and Ganymede with her little pug. LOL!! Hilarious site.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

   Better Mood and Cool Hats
I think it was yesterday that I had decided to just hang out with Alisha after her classes were done. I had wanted to go to the computers, but EVERY FREAKIN' COMPUTER WAS TAKEN!!!!! BOTH FLOORS!!

I decided to go and talk to my coy. Then wandered aimlessly on campus. I went into the student lounge which was totally new for me!! They had these modern red couchs that opened up to a recliner, very retro. lol, and two computers, but people were on them. There was a pin pong table in the middle, some magzines on those twirling thingies. The whole room was cozy with all the tables available for those who might have had to study. But the thing that caught my eye and made me squel with joy was the slightly used maple wood grand piano which was currently unoccupied.

I had asked the people at the desk if it was for playing or just for decoration. She told me to knock myself out. Sitting on the bench and playing whatever came to mind was just the thing I had been searching for. You know, just the day before I had asked my mom what was the spending linit on Santa this year. I had asked her if I could get a simple keyboard and she was like "ehhhhhh----" She said it might not happen, but to keep an eye out for sales once Christmas comes closer.

*Happy Sigh* I now have found my one true love on this campus. ^__^ That piano and I are gonna make some beautiful music together. (NOT IN A NASTY WAY!! DON'T THINK LIKE THAT!!!)

Later I left the piano and ran into Juan and Veronica. I listened with them to Veronica talking about her thearte class. Very hiliarious, can't wait to take the course. Then I met Sindi, Alisha, and Angels. We all ate a free turkey dinner thanks to one of the clubs on campus.

We all walked to the bus stop and they were all talking. I was sorta listening, but I was starting to feel sleepy from all the delicious food. ^__^ Yum!

Then!!! Before I know it someone had snuck up behind me and swept me off my feet. O.O I was like, "what?" LOL, sorry I'm a little slow to react when I'm half asleep. Ayway, I look at this odd person trying to completely grasp what exactly happened. Then I hear Veronica far off in the distance shouting, "Hey it's Jessica!"

LOL!! She's a friend from my middle school!! ^__^ I blinked again and smiled while giving her a hug. She was wearing a hat and from the angle I was at I didn't recognize her face. She laughed pretty hard and gave me a hug too. She had been just having fun wandering with the buses. I finally met her friend Ruby who she was talking a lot about and another girl. I don't quite remember her name. ><

I had fun talking with them and just seeing Jessica. But I have to admit I was still shocked with the whole romantic sweeping me off my feet thing them her just staring at me until I recognized her. LOL, but that's Jessica for ya.

I think this was just the thing I needed to get out of that black hole. ^__^

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Monday, November 21, 2005

   Things That Make You Ache
Seems like a long time the last time I posted anything...Well, as far as anything exciting happenng in my life, nothing new. Except I have a Math test today, my last one before the big final. Hm, I think it was Thursday that my friend Sherry needed lead and I helped her. I ended up asking some stranger in the computer lab. Luckily she had some and Sherry was so happy. "That was so random and cool, Bena." I couldn't help, but smile at her. Even though we're the same age she makes me feel like a big sister or someone older. I don't really see what the big deal was. Makes me wonder if I'm just weird, even though I heard so many call me "cool". Alisha told me once she and a couple of her friends who knew me called me "different". I find it kinda of interesting, but I don't really care anymore. Hm, really gonna miss Sherry, she makes me smile and on rare occassions she makes me laugh. Hopefully we'll see each other again or make time to get lunch or coffee.

Let's see, what else to ramble on about? Ah yes, I got a "B" on my last Philosophy test. And that same day Angel's hubby and I wandered around a bit looking for Clinton. You see, I was talking with him on the bus about Harry Potter and we were really into the conversation. He almost missed his stop and left his jacket on the bus. I took it to give it back to him later, but the problem was that I don't really see him.

N-E-Wayz, turned out there was a free turkey dinner available for campus students. "Ah Heck No! Clinton's gonna have to wait!" I was so hungry! Didn't have time for breakfast, (When do I?) and I hadn't had lunch. Too bad for Angel's hubby, he had to go to his car. I stood in line by my regular loner self until one of my---well---I guess you can say friends since she's more than an aquaintence, but more one of the people you know from meeting them somewhere. She's a junior in college and has a very sweet personality. She was one of the people who had talked me into making a shirt in rememeberance of those who have suffered any kind of violence.

Grr..I always forget her name...I don't really use the person's name whenever I talk to them. I could have a decent discussion with an absolute stranger. Guess it's a skill of mine. She sat with me while we ate our lunches. They only had diet coke and I was thristy, hm college life, ne? Later she met some guy in a wheel chair and they started talking about psychology and philosophy, and classes and all that rot. I didn't really talk because I was too busy eating. Linda found me after she had gotten her food. She's an a classmate of mine in my philosophy class. She knew my name I guess because I talked a lot and participated in class more often than others. I would also see her when I had to go to my test anxiety test, her class was coming out when mine was going in. We'd talk and ask each other about homework, felt a lot like old high school.

Anway it really felt good to talk with someone outside of class. I think she maybe a senior, she's a lot older than I probably in her early thirties or late twenties. She's sweet as well. Man, I don't mean to complain, but why do I keep running into these nice, sweet, positive, friendly people? I'm just not use being around such people, ya know? At times I feel a bit out of place and think, "Why are you talking with me?" or "Wow, this is how normal people are..." It's just...it's the new start I had always wanted to have, but as cliche as it sounds, no one knows the real me here. ARGH!! I HATE THESE ANGST FEELINGS!!!

I think things over sometimes and about my life. I have to live my own and not someone else's. Thinking this helps me not feel so sad about my close friends being away at different places. They have to live their lives and to ask them not to would be selfish of me. We all must write our own stories and narrate our autobiographies otherwise the truths that we learn in life may become distorted and we may never discover who we truly are in this every day miracle called life.

...I need to vent to someone who already knows how I am...I want to talk with someone and have them not give me that look that drives me mad or makes me want to shatter them into a million pieces...if you could only see the way that some people look at me...I hate it...When I open up or speak my words people get scared I guess or they are in awe. I don't mean to sound so arrogant, but it is true. So...I hide myself never truly speaking the words...I scare myself too sometimes. When I start talking it's as if I'm listening to a voice recording of someone else who knows exactly what they are talking about...*Shakes Head* I hate this...all of it...I want someone...I just don't know who...someone to talk to and feel safe with, is that so much to ask for?

*Light chuckle* It's like the song Faye-chan use to sing all the time. "I'm in love with a man I do not know." Thanks Faye-chan for that lovely little tune. I find myself singing it to myself and it reminds me of your craziness. Makes me smile when I'm down...I said once that I wouldn't really miss you guys because you all will always be with me inside my heart and in my memories...I meant it...Thank you all. Sometimes the memories get me through the day and give me courage to hope for the next...Man...I must sound like I'm having a mental breakdown or something...I hope not...I hate crying...

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Thursday, November 17, 2005

   Early Arriving
I came here TOO TOO EARLY!! My mom had to drive my big bro to work and she just told me to come along. I took bus eleven and it got me here half an hour earlier than usual. Man, not even the library is open!!

Wandered around which was kinda spooky because no one was awake yet on campus. Heh, I started sing out loud and man was it fun! ^__^ Ran over, yes, ran. To see my coy!! Haven't seen them in the longest!! No time really. Started talking to my favorites out loud, man, I must have sounded insane. I gave my favorite names long time ago. Hitomi and Kouga. ^__^ I think it really suits them.

I walked some more and actually ran on the sloping wall on a building. LOL!! SOOOO COOL!!! Too bad no one was there to see it.*Holds fist*

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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

   Can't Believe it!!
Well, I'm starting to turn in my art projects and I just have to draw two more pieces. One is of my family tree and the other is an artist before 1950's. I had a guy but the disk I had with all the info totally got wiped out!! Sucks, I know!!

The main thing is that I FINALLY found my roots!! YAYNESS!! ABOUT TIME!!...Just that it seems simply unbelievable!! IT'S CRAZY I SAY!! CRAZY!! UTTER MADNESS!!!

Well, turned out the "Reyes" generation was acutaully related to Queen Isabel de Catolico. (Numero One) She helped fiance Cristobol--I mean Chrisopher Columbus' voyage to that New World. Seeing how it all connected kinda creeped me out. (Sorry if I mispelled his name!! Totally forgot how!!) I think Reyes therefore comes from Aragon, Spain...Wait a second scratch that!! Related to the man's side. Yep, that's it. *Nods* Well, makes sense that Reyes would be some form of royalty, ne? ^__^

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Monday, November 14, 2005

   At School The Moment
Gonna make this short and sweet. ^__^ Part 16 to 18 are done in quiz. Gotta work on results for them though. Working on 19. Tried knitting a scarf with this special loom thing, but I messed up a lot and my eyes started hurting after a while. Ask about the job at Michael's but they said they didn't even look at it yet. Missed Alisha and Sindi for lunch field trip. Ate pie, but didn't taste as good as it ususally did because I was angry. My last tests are coming up soon and so are my finals!! O.O It's so soon!!

So how are you guys?

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