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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

   Better Mood and Cool Hats
I think it was yesterday that I had decided to just hang out with Alisha after her classes were done. I had wanted to go to the computers, but EVERY FREAKIN' COMPUTER WAS TAKEN!!!!! BOTH FLOORS!!

I decided to go and talk to my coy. Then wandered aimlessly on campus. I went into the student lounge which was totally new for me!! They had these modern red couchs that opened up to a recliner, very retro. lol, and two computers, but people were on them. There was a pin pong table in the middle, some magzines on those twirling thingies. The whole room was cozy with all the tables available for those who might have had to study. But the thing that caught my eye and made me squel with joy was the slightly used maple wood grand piano which was currently unoccupied.

I had asked the people at the desk if it was for playing or just for decoration. She told me to knock myself out. Sitting on the bench and playing whatever came to mind was just the thing I had been searching for. You know, just the day before I had asked my mom what was the spending linit on Santa this year. I had asked her if I could get a simple keyboard and she was like "ehhhhhh----" She said it might not happen, but to keep an eye out for sales once Christmas comes closer.

*Happy Sigh* I now have found my one true love on this campus. ^__^ That piano and I are gonna make some beautiful music together. (NOT IN A NASTY WAY!! DON'T THINK LIKE THAT!!!)

Later I left the piano and ran into Juan and Veronica. I listened with them to Veronica talking about her thearte class. Very hiliarious, can't wait to take the course. Then I met Sindi, Alisha, and Angels. We all ate a free turkey dinner thanks to one of the clubs on campus.

We all walked to the bus stop and they were all talking. I was sorta listening, but I was starting to feel sleepy from all the delicious food. ^__^ Yum!

Then!!! Before I know it someone had snuck up behind me and swept me off my feet. O.O I was like, "what?" LOL, sorry I'm a little slow to react when I'm half asleep. Ayway, I look at this odd person trying to completely grasp what exactly happened. Then I hear Veronica far off in the distance shouting, "Hey it's Jessica!"

LOL!! She's a friend from my middle school!! ^__^ I blinked again and smiled while giving her a hug. She was wearing a hat and from the angle I was at I didn't recognize her face. She laughed pretty hard and gave me a hug too. She had been just having fun wandering with the buses. I finally met her friend Ruby who she was talking a lot about and another girl. I don't quite remember her name. ><

I had fun talking with them and just seeing Jessica. But I have to admit I was still shocked with the whole romantic sweeping me off my feet thing them her just staring at me until I recognized her. LOL, but that's Jessica for ya.

I think this was just the thing I needed to get out of that black hole. ^__^

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