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Thursday, January 5, 2006

   I couldn't find any space for these stories so I'm gonna keep the site like this for a while until I can get these on a disk. I'll go back to the normal set up here later.
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The door opens and Rose enters the house.

Rose: Why that no good son -of-a----wait here I'll be right back.

Paint follows Rose into his home and looks around the entrance hall.

Paint: All right.

Rose nods and takes off to his quarters. On his way up the stairs his mother, Sun Garden, is coming down the stairs. She's hanging onto the railling hugging her coat close to her chest.

Rose: Morning Mother.

Rose kisses her cheek and Sun smiles lovingly at her son.

Sun: Morning Flower.

Rose: What are you doing walking around, the doctor told you to stay off your feet.

Sun pushes away her son and looks at him scoldingly.

Sun: Rose, I have had three children in my lifetime and I think a motherless doctor should be the last person giving ME advice.

Rose: Look how we all turns out.

Rose smirks as Sun playful cups his cheek still smiling at him.

Sun: You are my sons and I love you all with all your idiosyncrasies.

Rose chuckles lightly and leads her downstairs.

Rose: I believe idiosyncrasies is an understatement.

Rose lightly smirks at his mother then turns to Paint. Rose lets go of his mother and walks to Paint. He places a hand on Paint's shoulder and brings him over to his mother.

Rose: Mother, this is Paint. Paint this is my mother Sun Garden.

Paints politely shakes Sun's friendly gesture slightly bowing to her. Rose nods and turns to his mother.

Rose: I need to go get some--necessary supply for our trip to one of the local departments in the marketplace. I won't be too long.

Sun nods and Rose leaves again. Paint watches Rose until he can no longer see him. Sun watches Paint and smiles before lightly coughing to catch his attention.

Sun: Mr.Paint would you like some tea?

Paint: I would love to.

Sun leads Paint to the relaxation area and the servants seats him on one of the sofas. Sun sits on the one across from him and waves at the servants. They leave and a maid places the cups and saucer infront of them. She is follow by two other servant who hastily, but skillfully start to engage into the tea ceremony. Meanwhile Sun manages to catch a few glimpses of Paint's melchonlic expression. Sun takes her cup of tea and starts to sip on it.

Sun: I hope it isn't too bitter.

Paint: It's fine. Sun: I have to admit, I was caught by surprise when my son brought another person home.

Paint looks at her slightly confused.

Sun: Due to my son's peculiar behavior, they fear him.

Sun takes another sip of her tea and delicately places the cup and saucer in her lap.

Sun: Thanks to Hope-sama, he has gotten better.

Paint: He hasn't seemed to change much to me.

Sun: Oh, I assure you he has. You see, Rose had come to know his power well ever since he was a child no more than six. Hope-sama has classified his unique gift sharing several familiarities with a dark sorcery know as to the common as "Voo-doo".

Sun gives a short laugh, then stares at the tea leaves scattered in her beverage.

Sun: Vegetable hated him and none of the other children would play with him because he was, well, odd. Rose learned how to control their bodies and he had forced them to become his playmates. Since then all the children feared him and ran away from him.

Sun looks at Paint to make sure he is listening. Paint is indeed listening to her explaination of Rose's past and she continues.

Sun: So, he decide he no longer needed them. He wanted to create something. Something that wouldn't have, as he would put it... the imperfections and impurites of the original sin that thrives among all of Kami's creations... he was so young and to hear him talk like that so seriously...

Sun sadly shakes her head and Paint softly reaches over and touches her shoulder. Sun was taking aback by the show of sudden sympathy. She pats Paints hand and takes a deep sigh nodding to him.

Sun: I'm quite all right...but those poor creatures...my son had gone a bit insane you might say. He tried merging all sorts of creatures surgically, it was so gruesome...

Sun looks at the distant wall and swallows hard.

Sun: I thought it could get any worst until I found him with actual people...

The room is quiet and Paint feels the cold shudder that embraces both of them at the moment. The tea in his hands grows cold and he places it on the table. A servant quietly takes it and another cup had replaces it. Gratefully, Paint takes the cup and begins to drink from it.

Sun: It was then I prayed to Hope-sama to help my son. I was willing to try anything. When she appeared to me, Rose's powers were immediately bracelete and he started seeing Hope-sama in the clinics. No one beside myself and Hope-sama know about his reasons for being there. We thought we might have endangered him.

Paint: Endanger? From who?

Sun smiles at Paint, but so sorrowful at the same moment.

Sun: From the commoners, they were already frighten to death for the safety of their children. If they found out about those two children they would have stormed the mansion until they had killed him...Another was my husband...he was not always the best of men, but still he was honorable. He defintely would have not tolerated his actions...

Paint: And now you are trusting me with this? Sun: Yes, I am.

Paint feels a small smile tug at the corners of his lips. Sun gives a sigh of relief and looks into the fireplace. She starts to sweat and she tries fanning herself. Paint looks at her conerningly until Sun had starts to take off her large coat.

Sun: My, it's a little toasting in here. Just a couple minutes ago I felt as cold as I was in Ms.Madison's lands.

Sun stands from the couch and walks behind it placing her coat of its edge. She smiles and turns to Paint.

Sun: Would you like some cake, Mr.Paint?

Paint: Yes...if it's no problem...

Sun: No problem at all. Not for my son's best friend.

Before Paint could bask in the comfort of the title, he is shocked by Sun's oversized belly.

Paint: Y-y-you're---

Sun: Pregnant? Yes, I am. I'm really hoping for this bundle to be my little girl. I don't think I could handle another boy.

Sun gives a short laugh until Rose's younger brother, Blood, comes strolling sleepily in the room. He walks over yawning to Sun and buries his face into her legs while hugging them.

Blood: Where's my baby?

Sun: Sorry, dear. I just had to walk a bit and stretch my legs.

Blood: I want to hug my baby.

Blood reaches out his small hands to his mother stomach. Sun sighs and sits back down on the couch. Paint watches as the mother sit Blood carefully on her lap so he faces her. The boy smiles then lays his head on her stomach stretching his hands over her possesively. Blood catches Paint's stare and shoots him a dirty look.

Blood: It's my baby! You can't have it!

Paint straightens at the loud voice and Sun scolds Blood for being rude. Blood did not respond to her disapproval of his behavior instead he drifts off to sleep listening to his mother's expecting womb. Before any more conversation engages Rose comes into the area.

Rose: I have what I was looking for, let's go.

Sun: Just a second, Rose.

Sun suddenly stands up despite the wailing of her youngest.

Sun: What exactly is it that you plan on doing with your, "necessary supply"?

Rose slightly hisses, but manages to hide his panic.

Rose: we're just going to---

Blood stops his crying and curiously looks at the two dolls that Rose held behind his back. Exitedly he jumps and points at them clapping his hands.

Blood: Dollies!! Dollies!! Dollies for my baby!!

Paint tries his best to control the fit of laughter in his throat.

Rose: Shut up---


Paint bursts clenching his sides occasionally wiping the tears in his eyes. Rose's face blushes like an extremely red tomatoe with the revealation of his full birth name.

Rose: I HATE THAT NAME!! I LOATHE IT SO---- Sun: Do NOT insult the name which I gave you!!

Sun grabs her son's ear painfully bringing him to her height. Painfully Rose rips away from her deathly grip sorely rubbing his ear.

Rose: They are NOT dolls, Mother!! They articles of dark magic!!

Sun: And THAT'S suppose to make a mother feel better?!!

Sun furiously snatches one of the dolls from Rose's hands. He quickly shoves the other doll into the back pocket of his pants. Blood starts to cry again and pulls at his clothes stomping up and down.


Blood stops crying once again starts to make his way to Rose's quarters. If he wasn't able to get the dollies that were in Rose's hand at the moment then he clearly was able to take the ones in his room.

Blood: I'm gonna steal your dollies for my baby!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Dollies for my baby!! Dollies for my baby!!

Rose: WHAT?!

Rose runs up the stairs with great speed before Blood is able to touch the doorknob. Rose lifts him up by the legs. Blood screams and starts kicking at Rose. Rose holds him at an arm's length once in a while blocking the harmful kicks.

Rose: how DARE you try and defile MY room!! Blood: MOMMY!!MOMMY!! MOMMY!!!

Sun appears at the top with Paint kindly assisting her. She gasps at the sight.


Rose was startles by his mother and drops Blood on his head. Blood scrambles to his feet like a wild animal and leaps on one of Rose's leg.

Rose: OWWW!!! WHY YOU--- Rose snarls and falls to his knees trying to pry his younger brother off of him. Blood growls then notice the room's door was open from their earlier scuffle. Immediately he runs for it, but finds himself unable to move an inch further.

Blood: Huh?

Rose: I'll be lucky if you don't have rabies. Now step away from my room.

Rose moves the doll's hands above its head and Blood did the same. During one of the fights Rose manage to get a strand of Blood's hair and wrapped it around the doll. Blood cries again to his mother, but Sun allows Rose to continue until Blood is safely at the bottom of the stairs. Sun looks at Rose, he wears a snug smirk on his face. Quietly she looks at him and he at her. She holds out a waiting hand for the doll and Rose obediently places it in her grasp.

Rose: Let's go Paint, it's obvious I'm not leaving this house with my magic.

Paint nods.

Sun: Rose...

Rose turns to his mother. Sun looks at him with then slaps him across the face. Rose was shocks, but did not show it. Only Paint could tell how hurt Rose was feeling at the moment, but he understands his mother's actions.

Sun: ...don't you ever bring those things under this roof again, are you clear on that?...

Rose......yes, mother......

Sun releases a shaky sigh and cups her son's cheek to make him look at her. Rose tears his stare from the ground.

Sun: I love you, Rose. Please, don't ever make me worry again.

Lightly she kisses his hurt cheek and pulls away from him. She sniffs and turns to Paint. Paint looks away feeling slightly uncomfortable with the scene. Sun smiles.

Sun: Mr.Paint, please take care of my Rose.

Paint: Of course.

With one last good-bye Rose and Paint left the buliding.

Paint: Rose Merri Garden?

Paint lightly chuckles at Rose's blush. Rose glares at him, but it was not in a demearing manner.


Paint: It is a lovely name.

Rose: It is...for a GIRL...

Paint laughs again except this time out loud. Rose shakes his head.

Paint: Don't feel too sore, Rosemerri. Your Mother loves you very much.

Rose...just don't call me that in public or else...

Paint: Or else what? Would you kill a friend?

Rose: Yes I would, but not you.

Paint stops and looks at Rose. Rose gives him an assuring smile.

Rose: You're the best friend I never had.

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Razz gave a sigh as she tugged on her heavy appendage that seemed to have taken root on her back for the four years of her attendance to high school. She gave a short chuckle thinking about the benefits of an overstock bag: 1.) It made a good weapon during a scuffle on the streets, 2.) It was a wonderful doorstopper, and 3.) She didn’t need to go work out; carrying her backpack had definitely given her a more athletic figure.

“I definitely need a locker...” The teenager mumbled as she dropped her luggage to the floor of her next class.

Quietly, she took her assigned seat and started rummaging through her backpack in search of a simple red sketchbook. The teacher went about his surroundings searching for his lesson plans, he glanced over at Razz and she gave him a light smile. He smirked and nodded, he had become used to their routine of salutation.

“What are you drawing today?” Razz looked up at her teacher and tilted her head slightly chewing on the eraser of her yellow pencil.

“I haven’t decided yet. Usually these things just pop in my head and I spend hours, days even trying to complete it.” Razz’s voice soon turned to a low mumble as she looked back down at the empty page that seemed to stare back at her with anguish devastation.

“I’m sure it’s just a phase, Razz...” The teacher walked over to where the girl sat and offered his condolence, “May I see?”

The mentor held out his hand and Razz was taken by surprise by his mannerly fashioned. She gave him a slow nod and place the red sketchbook in his large hands.

He ran his hands over the cover of the notebook and admired the quality and design of the homemade book cover she had made. Several patches of red, but all the same texture. The latch that had the pages closed was silver and had a trademark of a maple leaf.

Curiously, he opened it and took in a silent gasp as he awed in the masterpieces of his student. The first picture was underwater; the corals decorated the bottom floor along with the variety of exotic fishes. There was a mermaid picking up a shell and looking over her right shoulder, the picture seemed to sing a song of loneliness and longing to join her those like her. The longer he stared at the drawing, the more he was oddly inspired to capture the story that the sketch seemed to tell him like a compelling woman telling him her worries and woes.

“It’s beautiful...” Razz felt her heart stop and soon the sharp sting of tears developing at the corners of her eyes. Beautiful...The sincerity and honesty of her teacher’s voice had moved her soul in the most peculiar way.

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Meldrif’s stomach gurgled from the indigestion of the black coffee and sugarcoated donuts provided by one of the hotels’ hospitalities. Despite the all too noticeable pain of her stomach, the day was a redundant as any other. Except instead of waking up with a tear-stained pillow she found it clear. The nights were getting easier and she was slowly gaining back the sleep she lost from all the nights before. Meldrif hated the sleepless nights because it reminded her that she was a woman, an emotional one at that.

The teenager was rudely awakened by the argument of her parents loudly discussing where the family would be staying for the future nights. She pulled the blankets over her head, but the reverberations of her parents’ accents carried throughout the room. With a long sigh Meldrif rose from the bed and started preparing for school. The world spun as she sleepily stumbled around her petite surroundings. When she reached the area with wall she blindly felt for the light switch to the bathroom. When she heard the soft click, she slowly stepped inside closing the door behind her. Inside she could still hear the voices of her parents’ aggressively debating over the same opinion of whose fault it was for incorrectly filing the hotel receipts. In other situations she would have laughed and put in a few words of her own that would subdue the catastrophe with humor. Except now she neither had the will or patience to deal with their quarrels, she just wanted them to stop.

“You think you could do a better job!!”

“You’re twisting my words. I just saying I want to help you with this.”

“You want to help? Ha! You’re gone half of the time!!”

“I have a job. You don’t know how hard it is. I work all day and I tired. All I want is to relax and watch some TV.”

“Oh, poor mijo! And you don’t think I’m tired!! Not only do I have to do this all by myself, I have to take care of the kids and pick up the kids and then Maria comes with her children---they threatened to kick us out Bernardo!!”

Meldrif sat in the bathtub with her feet pulled up close to her chest. The shouting was what woke her up and the shouting was what lulled her to back into her slumber. It was an endless cycle that wouldn’t end until the house was finished being rebuilt. ‘It will be done in two months’ the insurance company first informed her parents. However, the two months soon stretched to three then to four, and according to the most recent form of communication it was six. The reason for the long wait was due to the agents getting fired for not performing their jobs properly. Meldrif smirked at her thoughts. The family case would probably be known as the “Intransigent Customers”.

Meldrif laid in the tub waiting for the day the noise would stop and the day that she would return back to her natural surroundings of the house. At first it was exciting to live in so many hotels and not have to worry about the bill being paid. The family was forced to get to know each other a little better and the family would go out to eat at several restaurants. However, after having to eat fast food for six straight months lessened Meldrif’s appetite for deep fried fish filets and French fries from Burger King.

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"I am not beautiful.” Casually, Andrea pushed her stringy hair out of her face pulling out silver lighter to relight the glowing amber of her cigarette. The way Andrea tilted her head back to release the cigarette’s smoke momentarily reminded Devin of a dragon recuperating after a long night of plundering innocent villages in flames.
“Now that’s a lie if I ever heard one.” Andrea sat down with her back against the wall. Quickly she reached into the back of her pockets and pulled out a stack of cards.
“Why are you wasting shit trying to flatter me?”
The backs of the cards were a dark midnight blue and silver lining in the design of a crescent moon with a star overlapping the sign of the Egyptian cross. Devin watched as Andrea quickly shuffled the cards comparing her skill to that of a card dealer in Las Vegas he once saw while on a family vacation trip.
“I do what I want. ” Andrea hesitated her motions and gave a short bitter laugh.
“Don’t give me that crap. If I was beautiful then why aren’t there people bowing at my feet? That’s the beauty about being beautiful. No matter how nasty you are or how bitchy you act, there’s always someone just begging to fuck with you.”
“You sound so angry. I wonder where all that anger comes from.” Devin dared to look directly across the hall into Andrea’s hazel eyes. She openly greeted his stare and gave him what seemed to be a smile.
“Don’t tell me you’re always sunshine and rainbows?”
“Excuse me! Are you insinuating?” Devin stood up and playfully shook a fist at her. Andrea looked him over and turned her concentration back to her cards.
Devin gave a sigh and sat back down on the dusty cement. He disliked talking about himself to anyone. He could easily discuss friends, families, social events, music and other issues, but never about himself as a person. Devin looked back at Andrea.
“Yeah I got anger, but it’s not like your anger.”
“Not like mine? What do you mean by that?” Andrea paused placing the last card to complete her card formation on the cement while raising a curious brow. Devin gave a smile while leaning forward to speak to her.
“Well for one thing,” Devin looked up at her mischievously touching the back of the blue and silver card. “My anger doesn’t involve witchcraft.” Devin turned over the card and Andrea looked down.
“The Hermit card is in the sixth position representing the allies in which you need to seek. A spiritual mentor is needed, however, the person whom is seeked is incapable of interaction with another person. They fear they will be discovered for they are a possessor of many secrets.”
Andrea looked up at Devin with a reflective glare of a cat. For a brief second Devin felt fear for his soul. “I don’t believe in this stuff. So you might as well stop with the voodoo.” “I was telling my reading, not yours jackass.”
Andrea looked back down at the seven cards and proceeded to read her tarot reading. She levitated her hand over the cards before choosing to turn the card to the upper left. Devin watched in awe unable to tear himself away.

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*Sigh* School has started again and already I'm praying for the Saturday to come. LOL, it's not as bad as I started on Monday, but still I just wanna go home away from all these clusterness of people. Anti-social I know, but some habbits are hard to stop. I like being by myself with nature and a good book. ^__^ That of engrossed in my latest writings or artwork. Anyone else like that?

N-E-Wayz, I had a smashing time with my friends, Angels, Ganymede, and Faye-chan. We all went to the regular hang out at Borders. Before Faye-chan had arrived Angels and myself decided to voice some random manga and act them out. Ganymede was being a blond poop head and was too embarrassed to join. heh heh.

Angels and I settled for "Guru Guru" a manga that we had all laughed at once we at Barnes and Nobles. We were a hit! Ganymede laughing so hard or trying not to until her face turn into a strawberry with embarrassment. I was turned around and kinda felt self-concious consistently (Ack! mispelled!) looking behind me. Then Angels couldn't last any longer and we all laughed. I tried to continue, but had to stop because the store person was organizing some books where we were and I didn't want to get yelled at or banned from the store.Yeah, good times, good times. Wish there were more of them. ^__^

So yeah, classes. I have ART 202(Art history), MATH 140 (Stats.), ENGLISH 100 (basically writing essays.), and STUPID CSUB 101 (Fresh orientation class.) I say it's STUPID because they actually want us to buy a $40 book when all the other CSUB 101's didn't. Grrr...I hate spending so much money!!

Well, that's how it is so far. Met a GORGEOUS guy in English and a few others. (Not as pretty though) Go to Ganymede's to look at the chat concerning that. I had English today and I think I outdone myself with a smashing essay. ^__^ I feel so proud of me! heh heh I sound a little arrogant don't I? Oh well...Art history is strangely appealing to me. Anyone else feel that way? Hm, feels like I've written a lot so I will take my leave from you all! Laters!

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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

SO SORRY!! I've been trying not to be so addicted to the internet. I'm going to school on January 3rd so hopefully I can update more over there. Man, I actually have long breaks this term. I wonder if I'll actually *GASP* SOCIALIZE on campus this term!! LOL Nah, it's not likely unless it's with the friends I already have. Oh yeah, I got some art I've been meaning to scan so keep an eye out! ^__^ If you haven't had the time to look at my gallery, please do so. I'd appreciate it if you did. Hmm, I've been meaning to draw something ya know in the mood and all, but I never know what exactly. Any suggestions out there?

N-E-Wayz, so yeah...Christmas...Well, it all started with baby Jesus. ^__^ My family and I went to the Christmas Vigil mass instead of Christmas day. You see, we open presents on Christmas Eve, does anyone do that? So yeah, we went, there were so many people that they had to open the old choir section for people to sit in and there were even people sitting outside where they could hear the mass through the outside speakers. @_@ They kept it really warm inside too. When my little sister had to use the restroom it was soooo cold outside!! Heh, we ran into the priest and an old friend of mine who was an altar boy. (He was in my confirmation class too.) He was like, "Ooooo, you're not in mass." I laughed and him and Father Craig. We were like "Yipe!!" and ran the whole way back laughing. ^__^

After mass we went to our house and ate some yumminess!! ^__^ My big sister was going to go on X-mas to Big Tony's family and my other big sister had to give her kids to that idiot man at eight. Have way through X-mas there was a big of an emotional disater as always. My big sis Nana was shouting at the kids who were basically being reckless kids. (The ages range from 2 to 11. And there's about seven little monsters.) My mom yelled at her along with a few other family members scolding her for losing her temper and shouting. Meanwhile I was washing dishes with my dad in the kitchen. I saw Nana run the to bathroom to cry from all her frusteration and stress I guess. Well, time passed by and we basically left her alone. That is until I started shouting her to come over and open presents. "NANA!!! YOU DIDN'T FALL IN THE TOILET DID YOU?!!!!" LOL, later she showed up and I told her to sit next to me. She shook her head, but I brought out the classic irrestible puppy dog eyes. LOL

So things lightened up. When my big sis had to go drop off the kids my other big sisters and my little sister brought out our insturments and played some christmas carols as an intermission break. ^__^ Eh...for not playing so long we all sounded all right. "Yeah!! We so rock compared to those fourth graders!!" LOL, we recently saw my little nephew's winter concert thingie. He's a second grader. We had to sit through out the whole show and the band sounded like that band from The Nightmare Before Christmas when they were trying to play Christmas Carols.


For Christmas I got the first two volumes of my love Kenshin Himura ^__^, A wicked cool beanie with the Happy Bunny on it, a how to make Japanese ink paintings book, an ink drawing set in a wicked cool casing, a leather art portfolio!!, A nice fleece hoodie, an anime DVD called Daiguard (which is very good and hilarious), a kids guitar(small but it will do until I can afford a regular on or at least when I learn more.), T.a.T.u.'s first album ^__^. It was a very good year despite all the drama, but that's how it usually is.

From Santa, *wink wink* I got


I also got the liberty of passing out Santa gifts to everyone. ^__^ I got a CD player which I really hoped for since my old one broke. ;__; It doesn't play MP3's at least I don't think it does, but it's still good. IT does however gobble a LOT of batteries. And I had gotten a keyboard!! I REALLY didn't expect that!! O.O I remember I had told mom that I didn't need one because I had found the one at school to play. It's nothing fancy a basic keyboard with ten instruments. Still with all the gifts nothing prepared me for the cell phone I got. I couldn't believe it. It's a Nokia 1100, a tracfone. Now I can make those important calls. It use to always drive me crazy when I needed to make an important phone call and the telephone booths would greedily eat the only change I had.

On Christmas we visited my grandma at the home she's now in. I had gone to see her Christmas EVe, but when it's with my Grandma I can never see her too many times. ^__^ We can in and it took her a while to remember who we were. She was so happy, but started crying. It was hard not to cry too for me. We gave her some clothes and she was very happy. She saw my dad and asked my mom if she had ditch my dad for some other guy. LOL, my dad and grandma would joke a lot with each other. (Except now, she really doesn't know who he is sometimes.) Last time she was nice to him until she remembered who he was. LOL, it was so funny to notice her sudden mood and tone change. He had a beard back then and she told him to cut it because he look so old. LOL, my grandma still has gray hair and she 89 year old.

The day after Christmas my big sis had her kids again and they came over to hang out with us. (My older big brother had came home for Christmas too.) We hanged out playing games and my niece Alyssa brought over here DDR 2 game for playstation II. We had fun playing it, but I realized I'm SOOOOO out of shape. Later we played the board game "LIFE" with my little sis. I ended up with being a millionaire Rock Star with a husband and a pair of twins living in a barn house. I had written a novel, and other various chairitable things, but most of all I had came up with the solution to polution. ^__^ I SO ROX!!

So yeah...^__^ I'm so very lucky to have so many people who love and care for me. And I'm not saying that because of the gifts, but because we came together as a family in spite of all our differences. I'm so very lucky to have so many friends and lucky to have met all of you here on Otaku.

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Sunday, December 18, 2005

   eh, I just got done checking my final grades. For the fall term my grade point average was 3.3 and some numbers behind it. However, my cumulative grade point average is 2.9 thanks to the geology grade I received in highschool for college credit.

Man, I hate it when I miss things by one point!! Gets on my nerves so much. I got an A in Art and B- in Philosophy. I got credit for my Test Anxiety class and Passed my Math class. My math class doesn't count for the requirements, but I had to take so I could take the next one.

So overall I am a little peeved at my overall grade point average, but it's good to know I didn't try too hard in the fall and still got a great term average. ^__^

Oh, gonna hook up with what Faye-chan would say "The Posse" LOL, can't wait to see their faces.

My family and I went to CALM which is a place for injuried animals which they nurse back to health. They do this night lights show to raise money and it was simply amazing.

Hm,...I'm taking up an old story I have. My computer had crashed and all it's memory has been wiped away. *Momentary sadness* But luckily my dad got all the important programs again and it's up and running, that's all that matters.

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Saturday, December 10, 2005


I went to see the Midnight showing of Narnia and man, I POSITIVELY LOVED IT!!! ^__^ YAYNESS TO THE MAX!! There was a very touching part that I just cry my heart out. All you who have seen it, I think you know what part I'm talking about. If you have thought about going to see it, but not sure if it's worth your dollar then I enthusiactically recommend that you do!!

I know there's been some people against it saying that it holds too much religious symbolism in it. But they can just go choke somewhere, turn blue and die!! This movie totally rocks and anyone who says otherwise seriously doesn't know what a good movie actually is.

On other notes, I went to the mall with my big brother and found out Advent Children isn't coming out until March along with the new Zelda game for Playstation II. I could have died right there!! And they had the DVD casing for Advent Children for advertisement along the top shelfs of the store!! OHHHH!! THE TORCTURE!!!I CAN'T STAND IT!!

On a lighter side of things, I got the newest issue of Shojo Beat. ^__^ Better yet my sister agreed to get me a year subscription to it!! They were having a special discount, 60% off regular price!! Can you believe it?! Yes, good old clearance sells. *Light Chuckle* I go for cheap and good quality in things and not for fashion.

Although there was that one hat that I HAD to have...many I hate it when my impulses get the best of me. *Gloom* I think I spent $160 dollars on Christmas shopping this year. Man, but I bought about thirty gifts this year so I guess it's not so bad. ^__^ Wei-Wei!!I can't wait for my buddies to come to back to Bako!! It's been so droll and redundant since they've left and I can't wait to hear of their stories about living outside this what feels like small town.

P.S. I forgot to mention that I am shortening my list of friends. It's hard for me to check on everyone's site or remember exactly who is who unless I know them in person. *Hand Behind Head* Gomen Nasai Mina...Anou...if you haven't updated in a REALLY long time then I am sorry to say I might have deleted you off the list. Please!! Don't be angry!! It's nothing personal. If you still want I can visit your sites once in awhile. It's just my list is starting to get so long!!

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Thursday, December 8, 2005

   I had recently come across on of the cutest, funniest mangas ever!! It's by Kiyohiko Azuma and was called, "Yotsuba&!" You can probably find it in your local bookstore where you can buy manga. If you live in BORING Bako, then head to Borders on Stockdale.

Yotsubato! (Yotsuba&! in English) is the story of an odd, quirky little girl that's about 6, named Yotsuba. She and her father have just moved into a new house with the help of her father's very tall friend, Jumbo. Yotsuba meets her neighbors, the Ayase family, who of course, think Yotsuba's odd acting. Yotsuba doesn't seem to understand or know about things you'd think children her age would know about, like playground swings, air-conditioning, and doorbells.

At first I thought it was going to be one of those typical children's manga. The art wasn't fancy and was very simple. I had seen Kiyohiko Azuma's other anime the what's it called? Azumanga-Daioh? Or something like that...Needless to say I didn't like it much and thought it very ODD.

I opened "Yotsuba&!" and found myself laughing out loud and being able to relate to most of the characters. I have to ask first for some manga snipets I've found so it might be awhile. But I'll try and post as soon as possible! ^__^ I hope you guys look more into the series.


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