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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

   Can't Believe it!!
Well, I'm starting to turn in my art projects and I just have to draw two more pieces. One is of my family tree and the other is an artist before 1950's. I had a guy but the disk I had with all the info totally got wiped out!! Sucks, I know!!

The main thing is that I FINALLY found my roots!! YAYNESS!! ABOUT TIME!!...Just that it seems simply unbelievable!! IT'S CRAZY I SAY!! CRAZY!! UTTER MADNESS!!!

Well, turned out the "Reyes" generation was acutaully related to Queen Isabel de Catolico. (Numero One) She helped fiance Cristobol--I mean Chrisopher Columbus' voyage to that New World. Seeing how it all connected kinda creeped me out. (Sorry if I mispelled his name!! Totally forgot how!!) I think Reyes therefore comes from Aragon, Spain...Wait a second scratch that!! Related to the man's side. Yep, that's it. *Nods* Well, makes sense that Reyes would be some form of royalty, ne? ^__^

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