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Thursday, September 22, 2005

   Freaky-est Thing and Frusterating Copy Machines
ARGH!! I had to make copies of my picture for art today. The damn thing!! *KICKS MACHINE* I made about twelve or so copies with more than half which are C-R-A-P!! MAKES ME SO ANGRY!!!!!!

On the brighter side saw cute girl which I thought was a girl from behind. LOL, O.o I was taken by surprise. He asked me to repeat myself and I tried to ask help on the copy machine, but he laughed and said he also had no idea on the mystery.

I had another bad night...serious talking here...I don't know how to describe it except complete lonliness and reminscience...I tried to go to bed but I ended up having to get up and leave the room constantly so I wouldn't wake up or possibly scare my little sister. Nights like these don't go easy and I'm seriously thinking of going to a counselor and just venting.

I only got four hours of sleep and my entire body just ached. On the bus I enjoyed reading, but it was a sad part in the book which almost made me cry. *light chuckle* I almost become the characters when I read, so I experience their hurt and accomplishments as well. I was early as usually, but didn't want to sit in an empty classroom.

The highlight of my day would be just sitting by the pond here at Cal State just watching the coy fishes. A sudden inspiration came over me, I wanted to take a photo and maybe use it as a new post background. They were just so beautiful, but sadly I had no camera handy. (I use to in highschool.)

The day progressed with little hassle. Sherry helped lighten my mood talking about the fair with her. She said the biggest fair she had ever been to just had a petting zoo. After class we hanged out since we got out early. I showed her the coy fish and she was amazed, made me smile. She showed me her silver car which had tiny windows.

Bleh! I had to walk across campus to get my HSF dinner tickets. A couple stared at me because I was wearing my trench coat today. I felt like Seto Kaiba, heh heh. Cold, grouchy, throwing demeanoring stares felling far superior to them. lol. When I enter the business building I was told to go to the President's office. I felt like a lost ryouga!! I was so stressed about missing my next class!! I eventually came to the building and felt like such an idiot for missing the huge sign in front of it.

Rushed to my next class to find it hadn't even started! My body was aching even more when I sat and I felt like just passing out. Couldn't pay attention, people are stupid. I was just in a bad mood today. Venting here sure does help though.

I know this is completely different issue, but what is your view on abortion?

Personally, people pro-choice might as will say they eat babies for breakfast. They're all idiots saying it's the mother's choice whether she want the baby or not. Well, I have news for those morons if they're all so "Pro-choice" Your choice does begin when your already pregnant. It's all about before. You know what I mean the choice starts with whether to have sex or not. It just pisses me off. If you didn't want the baby then why the hell you go a fuck the guy? Stupid idiots...I am sorry if I have offended anyone.

Just that no seems to take responsiblities for their actions anymore. Always trying to find a quick fix solution. I find it all just wrong that someone has to suffer for their mother's incapablity or just---ARGHH!!! MAKES ME SO ANGRY!! WHAT THE FuCK IS WRONG WITH SOCIETY?!!

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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

   Nothin' Much
Not much going on over on this end of the world except I met up with Alisha. Yeah we ride the morning buses over.

This morning a nice french man gave me the seat next to him. That bus can get packed. He was from france and came to live in Bakersfield. He works at a museum somewhere and a very christian man. (Sorry! Too old for me!!) He was nice though. We talked about art a bit, he use to design buildings.

In art today we drew lines then different perspectives if we were standing in different areas of the room. I drew the first one of looking down at the tables if I were sitting on the lamps above. Then another in the corner next to the big bureaus. I really like the one from up above though. hee hee. So cool.

Weird thing some girl saw my art box and went through my supply while talking with me. No biggie always welcome people if they want to talk to me. As long as they have a point. She apologized for being snoopy, but I said I'd probably do the same. Hm, friend potential?...Not really, just an aquaintence I guess.

Math was fun and easy. Talk a bit with Sherry. Haha Stupid Ned thought he didn't have math today. He's in my art class, but doesn't talk to me. Creepy, he was staring at me. Probably thought what I was thinking about how we're in the same classes a lot. Eh, don't care about guys. If they want to talk to me they better be prepared to make the first move. And no cheesy lines!! CAN'T TAKE THE CHEESE!! *lol* Inside joke.

Eh...the talk with Alisha brightened my morning. We laughed pretty hard on the bus. It's kinda hard walking around with my art pad though! I got slammed by the doors getting off the bus. I held the door open for the girl with the kid though. I think she's either a junior or senior. She's starting to recognize me on the bus. Her little boy is three and really cute. ^__^ I talked to him a bit once.

Hm, just wondering if anyone has any good names that can be either girl or guy? What's another question? I forgot, but once I remember I'll be sure to post. See ya!

Almost forgot posted a story at Quizilla really good look it up if you can. ^__^

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Thursday, September 15, 2005

   Decided to Keep
Okay so my sister came over and asked what classes I had I told her. She said I'd dishonor the "Reyes" name if I took Algebra in college and that it took more money to start from the bottom than at the top. I did admit the class was EXTREMELY boring and I had set on asking the teacher if I could take his final and see if I could get out. (Small fee there.)

Sitting there doing basic factoring made me even more determined! Felt like this class was making me dumber by the minute!!

We broke up into Lab groups and strangest feeling. I actually had fun doing math work!! OMFG!! Haven't felt like that for a while. I also learned a few tricks to make factoring easier. But most of all I enjoyed our group working together. We finished early and got to leave.

I met a girl named Sherry and she's really cute. She's about my sixe and has a little voice. She reminds me a bit of a friend I had in Highschool, Berna. But DEFINITELY NOT AS HYPER OR ANNOYING!! (Although Berna did have a lovely singing voice.) ^__^ She's from Los Angeles and came to live in Bakersfield with her Aunt. We started talking a lot and went to the library since none of our classes start yet. She had to go to the bookstore later.

So I don't think I want to take Calculas. *Pouts* Finally doing somethng that I want to do. In a way I am very proud of myself and another I am wanting to save the money. But my schedule isn't packed or that hard that I can't add more classes if I really wanted. It's just I'm going to have to tell my parents and stick up for myself...I KNOW they'll try to use the money guilt on me...but it's something I'll have to live with. Wish me luck!!

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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

   Not as Exciting
Eh, added that long post in the morning and now my classes for today are done. In art we were told the teacher won't be here until Monday so Friday's class was cancelled. We got a list of supplies and I hope I can get some money to get it.

My math class is large and we're all huddled in a tiny room. I have an Indian teacher with a thick accent. It's an algebra class and I thought it was kinda below me. (I took Calculas in High School.) I missed the test to see which math class I would be put in by ONE point!! But later he gave us a little quiz as review. I noticed I had forgotten how to do such easy math without making it seem complicated!!

So maybe I wasn't as smart as I thought I was. Or maybe this class will help me remember things. You know like a review class. I'm going to major in art anyway so I don't think there's any big problem. Finally finished with signing my loan papers and gonna turn it in. So glad THAT will be over and done with soon. ^__^

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   First Day Review of CSUB


Well, my first day of college was eventful...Grrr...I thought we were going by a Monday schedule, but it ended a regular TUESDAY schedule!! I went to a Junior's art class and sat down listening and everything. We started introducing ourselves and I remember thinking they were all so old!! (Practically every was getting or were married!!) But nowadays you can't really tell. *Sigh* My last name starts with 'R' so I patiently waited thinking of what I was going to say to the scary room of strangers. BUT! My name never came up. I thought it was weird, but I had to register late so I thought it would only be until they find out. (You know first day mistakes)

Later I asked the assistance person what class this was exactly. They started talking about teaching. She told me and I had to run out to look for the freshman one. I found one, but my name wasn't on the list!! She sent me back to the one I was in. I went and the instructor was like, "Oh? YOu're back?" I told her that the other teacher sent me and she was the one who told me it was a different scheduling.

IT'S LIKE HIGH SCHOOL ALL OVER AGAIN!!! Ay...Luckily my Tuesday schedule started later. Whew, I had to walk all the way across campus! (Okay, exaggerating a little, but you understand right?) I went to use the bathroom and can you believe this? I cut myself on the TOILET PAPER DISPENSER!!! IT BITE ME I SWEAR!! I laughed at myself, it was a crappy day so far and I felt extremely stressed for some reason.

My Test Anxiety class was just what I needed. I talked to the teacher personally some. She had a really small and friendly voice, it made me feel a lot better. ^__^

Later I went to my Philosophy class. It was so quiet before the teacher got there, my stomach started growling. (I missed lunch!! ;_; )I started reading, "Wizards Rule." To try and get my mind off, but no help. My apppetite loudly sang to the whole class.

Then I heard a familiar voice! It was Angels' hubby!! So glad to finally see someone!! We started talking and it was a bit weird we were the only ones talking. Soon everyone did and the teacher came. He reminded me a lot of Faye's Dad. ^__^ HE loves to talk and has sponsored a club too! I guess you can say I was rather a talker. He had us introduced ourselves and all that stuff. Standard why go to college questions.

I answered and it was a bit freaky b/c when I talk really intelligent it feels like I'm just listening to a tape. HE smiled real big at me and asked my major again. Took me by surprise I told him art. "No! No! You are a Philosophy major now!" The class laughed and I did too. I have to say its my favorite so far. ^__^

After class I started to head towards the bus stop to go home, but the teacher had released us early. I went to see my big sister. I started searching the library for one text book, but they ran out...

I had climb up to the third floor, to the fourth, to the first, to the lower and then to the first again!!! Not to mention the LONG fleet of stairs just to GET to the library!! My legs never hurt so much!!!!! I couldn't find the book and went looking for my big sister. She laughed at me and told me I should have waited for her to to me.

Nice bus ride home. Then I had to go to South to get my scholarships. It was a little strange going back there. I saw Mr. Giese who smiled real big and said hi. ^__^ He was one of my favorite teachers.

Let's see, went to Kern School Bank place to get the checks in cash, mailed enrollment verifications to Hispanic scholarship and FINALLY got to take my shoes off at home at 5:30 pm Dinner wasn't ready though and I was STARVING!! Ate some stew, watched "O Brother!" and hit the sack hard at 7:00pm Hopefully today goes better. ^__^

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Monday, September 12, 2005

   Exorcism of Emily Rose
MAN!!!!! Saw the movie yesterday and loved it!!! It wasn't really scary as in monsters though. They never really showed anything except when she thought the people were after her. I thought that it was more of creepy in a sense that this was a real case and based on a true story. My brother took me to go see it. ^_^ The saddest part to me was when the priest read a letter out loud written by Emily herself. She talked about seeing the Virgin Mary who offered to end her pain on Earth and take her to heaven. But she chose to stay and endure the pain of the demons. She hoped she could have gotten people to believe in God if she showed them the devil...o.o I don't think I could have made THAT sacrifice!! I hope she's made a saint later. I'm Catholic and I certainly believe in her story. (I'll stop here, so I won't spoil the movie for those of you who haven't seen it!! GO SEE IT!!) Anyway, I basically got every thing settled now with college, I START TOMORROW!!! AHHHHHH!!!!! *Runs around excitedly* I just have to electronically fill out the PN for my loan and that's it. *Smiles* Can't wait!!
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Friday, September 9, 2005

   New Site Discovery
Hey! I was going to go to Night_Shade2 site when I accidentally typed in just night. I'm glad I did though! I came to her site and it was really interesting. She's doing a sotry picture contest and I found it rather creative. She's on my friends list and I urge you all to take a look! Looks like so much fun! ^_^

Hm, I had a rough talk with my mom and truth is that she cares about me a lot. We argued about college and if I don't want to go I don't have to. Her method is not one I like because it doesn't work on me. You know reverse psychology and try and prove me wrong? Well, all it does is bring me down and makes me worst. I didn't cry in front of her though!! (I cried in my closet..;_;) But I know she just feels bad for not being able to provide me with money. One reason I want a job, so she does feel so responsible for me. I hope to be accept for a job at Hot Topic during the Christmas holiday. The worker told me to start applying now so I'm gonna pray for it. Later this morning I got an email from Shruk and I gave her some inspiration advice. It really helped me to. ^_^ I won't give up! As long as it takes! Need motto!! And thank you everyone for commenting on my last posts, it means a lot to me. ^__^

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Thursday, September 8, 2005

   Slightly Depressed
I was just thinking about that CSUB stuff and realize that I don't neeed financial aid for this term. I know I should be happy, but all the hassling around and running circles just to get the information was frusterating.

It gets so tiring and I don't know why it depresses me. Maybe it's because when I first thought about going I thought my big sis would help me more understanding all this. I don't want it to be highschool all over again!

Back then my MS3 pals Faye and Koneko were there to help me out when I had absolutely no idea what was going on. Not to mention Mrs.Hobbes. Man, I miss her. *sadness*

*Sigh* looks like I'm gonna have to learn things on my own, but that's all part of growing up into an adult I suppose.

I'm gonna try and cheer up a bit...

Let's see, what happened recently that was funny? Oh yeah! My brother came home and I was helping make dinner. We found some biscuits from that morning and we heated them up. I had save a biscuit sandwich which my nephew didn't eat. I was hungry then so I warmed it up and was going to eat it. My brother saw me and shouted, "YOU ARE EATING ALL THE BISCUITS!!!" I laughed and said, "No I'm not! This one was mine! It's my sandwich!!" So I ran away into the livingroom and my brother started chasing me making insane sounds waving around the spoon to the mash potatoes yelling "AHHHH!!! MY SANDWICH!! GIVE ME YOUR BISCUIT SANDWICH!!" And I was like, "NEVER!!!!!!!!" So we ended up running in circles for a while until he stopped and I ran right into him! Luckily I ran the other way but my little sister was there and she nearly bit off my hand trying to eat my biscuit sandwich. "NO! NO! It has eggs in it!!" My little sister hates eggs. So she made a face and walked away, but my brother on the other hand loves eggs. LOL I ended up sharing anyway and we had a good laugh. ^__^

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Tuesday, September 6, 2005

   Ambition Is There, But Just Don't Have The Knowledge
Hey I was just wondering does anyone know how to get a website going? I really don't understand it all the way. I tried getting one at Geocites, but I don't think it works. I tried bravenet or something like that but it won't show my stories.

I want to make a comic/comics available so people can go and read and all that rot, but it's really confuses me.

If anyone would like to help me please PM me! Thanks!

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Sometimes we meet certain angels that appear like humans, and we don‘t know it. Many of us have been saved from many accidents, and we don‘t know it either. We should appreciate each safe moment.
In this painting I blended a few dimensions to portray the guardian angels’ mission: with the wings invisible to human eyes, yet with the see-through energy veil, the youthful angel is catching a falling child without any tension, difficulty or worry. Her hands are relaxed. The background is gold, copper and brass, to signify the providence, the law and the safety. To save our bodies is easy for an angel, but what is hard is that sometimes she must allow someone to fall or get hurt, according to God‘s laws. And I don’t remember why…

Akiane, age 10

Hey, my good friend Ganymede sent me the link to this girl's gallery. She raises money to help other kids and I thought I might share it with you guys. Wow, I wish I could paint as well as she! ^__^ Man, at such an early age too.

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