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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

There's been a light brown chihuahua wandering around the neighbor this week. It's a bit funny he use to hide under the old van and just sit there shaking. When I was out with my dad on Tuesday. (He was trimming the frontyard.) I held my hand out and got him to come over to me. My dad was shocked seeing he was scared of everyone else. Since then he started sleeping next to the front door steps. Later my mom felt sorry for him and decided to let him in the garage seeing him shake like that. ^__^

Next day my big brother couldn't stand seeing it at the door still shaking. He took it in the house and held it close to him. I gave him a bath and he was surprising good. And definitely he was a shade littler when I was finished. Put him back in the garage until it was a little warmer outside. When I was drying him with a title he would shake that dog shake. Man me laugh real hard because it looks as if he's gonna jump off the floor. He also bumped his poor little head on the bathroom cabinet, but he didn't care. His little was wagging a lot and he definitely looked a lot happier. My little sis gave him two strips of bacon and the little guy gobbled it up as if it were nothing. They say pets resemble their owners...hm...I wonder if that's how I look when I eat. I'm sure my little sis does!! LOL

He's so cute!! My big brother said if he doesn't go back home and we get to keep him we'll be like a complete Mexican family with the chihuahua.

Made me laugh. Hm, imagine myself with a chihuahua and Ganymede with her little pug. LOL!! Hilarious site.

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