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I just want to say thank you for coming to my site and seeing what I have here. Feel free to add me and
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^__^ Thank you!

And here's a little thank you present for everyone!! *Throws, confetti poppers going off*SUSHI AND POCKY FOR EVERYONE!!

I'm a Leo. I am intelligent---when I want to be. Family is very important to me and I protect my friends and loved ones. I rarely make promises, but the promises I make I keep. Don't forget to visit my friends!! ^__^

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

   Posting Art
Oi, I forgot you could only post 3 things at a time here...not sure what I'm going to repost, but hopefully I'll get it all in here. ^__^

K, as for today I'm in the middle of reapplying for Michael's Arts and Craft store. I was seasonal help and worked mostly at the cashier. O__O Thank God I didn't work Black Friday, but I did work the day after Thanksgiving and it was a bit busy. I really did enjoy my time working there. ^__^ Hopefully I can work there from time to time for the major holidays. That would be nice and I could actually SAVE money for once.

Really cold in the house, my hands feel like ICE!! ; __ ; I've been considering joining the snuggie cult. (Inside joke) My niece got one for Christmas and i'm always wearing a small throw blanket around my shoulders I think, why not?

Then I remember the whole rise of the snuggie cult and the commerical for the snuggie for your DOG and then I think Nah! It's ridiculous!! I don't know, it's a bit frightening how the snuggie cult emailed me a few days back too. O__O How the HECK did they get my email?!! O[]O BEWARE THE SNUGGIE CULT!!!

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Monday, February 1, 2010

   I'M BACK!!!!
yeah, so deviantart is not gonna be here anymore. I really like it too, with the ability to sell and copyright all your stuff. I'm going to try and repost everything here again so I have it somewhere on the net that's not photobucket. Cause that place you have a certain amount of free stuff and it's not exactly like the community feel you have on like forum places. So yeah!

I'm sorry for leaving this site to die. I was having code problems and got frustrated and gave up. But it looks like it got fixed!! Hurrah!! = D So I'll be on a lot more now. *Sighs/breath of fresh air* This place was kinda like my first on net journal/interacting with others site. So it's very much like coming home after being at college for me.

I've got my B.A. in art with concentration in education and minor in communication. Overall GPA is 3.2 something, in my major 3.8 close to 3.9 But i got a B!!! <8[] No big deal to anyone, but I prided myself on getting all A's in my major until then. lol, yeah crazy I know.

Argh...I've done so much and looking at old art here...*SWEATDROP* I'm kinda embarrassed by some of it. ^__^;; Ever get that feeling?

So what's up with old friends and what's happening for new ones. = ] Feel free to add me if you like and please comment on anything whether it's a simple "nice" or something you think I should work on. Advice more than welcomed I really do appreciate it. Thanks!

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Old Stories: Razz
Razz gave a sigh as she tugged on her heavy appendage that seemed to have taken root on her back for the four years of her attendance to high school. She gave a short chuckle thinking about the benefits of an overstock bag:

1.) It made a good weapon during a scuffle on the streets
2.) It was a wonderful doorstopper, and
3.) She didn't need to go work out; carrying her backpack had definitely given her a more athletic figure.

"I definitely need a locker..." The teenager mumbled as she dropped her luggage to the floor of her next class. Quietly, she took her assigned seat and started rummaging through her backpack in search of a simple red sketchbook. The teacher went about his surroundings searching for his lesson plans, he glanced over at Razz and she gave him a light smile. He smirked and nodded, he had become used to their routine of salutation.

"What are you drawing today?" Razz looked up at her teacher and tilted her head slightly chewing on the eraser of her yellow pencil.

"I haven't decided yet. Usually these things just pop in my head and I spend hours, days even trying to complete it." Razz's voice soon turned to a low mumble as she looked back down at the empty page that seemed to stare back at her with anguish devastation.

"I'm sure it's just a phase, Razz..." The teacher walked over to where the girl sat and offered his condolence, "May I see?"

The mentor held out his hand and Razz was taken by surprise by his mannerly fashioned. She gave him a slow nod and place the red sketchbook in his large hands. He ran his hands over the cover of the notebook and admired the quality and design of the homemade book cover she had made. Several patches of red, but all the same texture. The latch that had the pages closed was silver and had a trademark of a maple leaf.

Curiously, he opened it and took in a silent gasp as he awed in the masterpieces of his student. The first picture was underwater; the corals decorated the bottom floor along with the variety of exotic fishes. There was a mermaid picking up a shell and looking over her right shoulder, the picture seemed to sing a song of loneliness and longing to join her those like her. The longer he stared at the drawing, the more he was oddly inspired to capture the story that the sketch seemed to tell him like a compelling woman telling him her worries and woes.

"It's beautiful..." Razz felt her heart stop and soon the sharp sting of tears developing at the corners of her eyes. Beautiful...The sincerity and honesty of her teacher's voice had moved her soul in the most peculiar way.

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Old Stories: Angela

Angela's stomach gurgled from the indigestion of the black coffee and sugarcoated donuts provided by one of the hotel's hospitality. Despite the all too noticeable pain of her stomach, the day was a redundant as any other. Except instead of waking up with a tear-stained pillow she found it clear. The nights were getting easier and she was slowly gaining back the sleep she lost from all the nights before. Angela hated the sleepless nights because it reminded her that she was a woman, an emotional one at that.
The teenager was rudely awakened by the argument of her parents loudly discussing where the family would be staying for the future nights. She pulled the blankets over her head, but the reverberations of her parents' accents carried throughout the room. With a long sigh Angela rose from the bed and started preparing for school. The world spun as she sleepily stumbled around her petite surroundings.
When she reached the area with wall she blindly felt for the light switch to the bathroom. When she heard the soft click, she slowly stepped inside closing the door behind her. Inside she could still hear the voices of her parents' aggressively debating over the same opinion of whose fault it was for incorrectly filing the hotel receipts. In other situations she would have laughed and put in a few words of her own that would subdue the catastrophe with humor. Except now she neither had the will or patience to deal with their quarrels, she just wanted them to stop.
Angela sat in the bathtub with her feet pulled up close to her chest. The shouting was what woke her up and the shouting was what lulled her to back into her slumber. It was an endless cycle that wouldn't end until the house was finished being rebuilt.

"It will be done in two months." the insurance company first informed her parents.

However, the two months soon stretched to three then to four, and according to the most recent form of communication it was six. The reason for the long wait was due to the agents getting fired for not performing their jobs properly. Angela smirked at her thoughts. The family case would probably be known as the
"Intransigent Customers".
Angela laid in the tub waiting for the day the noise would stop and the day that she would return back to her natural surroundings of the house. At first it was exciting to live in so many hotels and not have to worry about the bill being paid. The family was forced to get to know each other a little better and the family would go out to eat at several restaurants. However, after having to eat fast food for six straight months lessened Angela's appetite for deep fried fish filets and French fries from Burger King.

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Old random stories: Andrea

"I am not beautiful." Casually, Andrea pushed her stringy hair out of her face pulling out silver lighter to relight the glowing amber of her cigarette. The way Andrea tilted her head back to release the cigarette's smoke momentarily reminded Devin of a dragon recuperating after a long night of plundering innocent villages in flames.

"Now that's a lie if I ever heard one." Andrea sat down with her back against the wall. Quickly she reached into the back of her pockets and pulled out a stack of cards.

"Why are you wasting shit trying to flatter me?" The backs of the cards were a dark midnight blue and silver lining in the design of a crescent moon with a star overlapping the sign of the Egyptian cross.

Devin watched as Andrea quickly shuffled the cards comparing her skill to that of a card dealer in Las Vegas he once saw while on a family vacation trip.

"I do what I want." Andrea hesitated her motions and gave a short bitter laugh.

"Don;t give me that crap. If I was beautiful then why aren't there people bowing at my feet? That's the beauty about being beautiful. No matter how nasty you are or how bitchy you act, there's always someone just begging to sleep with you."

"You sound so angry. I wonder where all that anger comes from." Devin dared to look directly across the hall into Andrea's hazel eyes. She openly greeted his stare and gave him what seemed to be a smile.

"Don't tell me you're always sunshine and rainbows?"

"Excuse me! Are you insinuating?" Devin stood up and playfully shook a fist at her. Andrea looked him over and turned her concentration back to her cards.

Devin gave a sigh and sat back down on the dusty cement. He disliked talking about himself to anyone. He could easily discuss friends, families, social events, music and other issues, but never about himself as a person. Devin looked back at Andrea.

"Yeah I got anger, but it's not like your anger."

"Not like mine? What do you mean by that?" Andrea paused placing the last card to complete her card formation on the cement while raising a curious brow. Devin gave a smile while leaning forward to speak to her.

"Well for one thing," Devin looked up at her mischievously touching the back of the blue and silver card. "My anger doesn't involve witchcraft."

Devin turned over the card and Andrea looked down.

"The Hermit card is in the sixth position representing the allies in which you need to seek. A spiritual mentor is needed, however, the person whom is seeked is incapable of interaction with another person. They fear they will be discovered for they are a possessor of many secrets."

Andrea looked up at Devin with a reflective glare of a cat. For a brief second Devin felt fear for his soul. "I don't believe in this stuff. So you might as well stop with the voodoo."

"I was telling my reading, not yours jackass." Andrea looked back down at the seven cards and proceeded to read her tarot reading. She levitated her hand over the cards before choosing to turn the card to the upper left. Devin watched in awe unable to tear himself away.

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Thursday, November 9, 2006

I'm on gaia now! ^__^ And my new otaku site, just click the big picture.
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