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Monday, September 5, 2005

   Junk and Stuff!!
I was going through my computer deleting old stuff I never picked up on and found this old story. I had created an alternate universe along with my sister which was a crossover of all our favorite animes. This one was just Sailor Moon and slight DBZ, but you wouldn't know that unless you knew the character, Zuccin. He's part Saiyian and my sister created him. Well, the girl's who is the main character of this story is named Masaru. She is the daughter of Sailor Pluto, Setsuna,and Nephrite. They were my two favorite characters and I thought it might have been an interesting pairing. So sit back and enjoy!:

Brother Says It's Not that Bad

He says, It sort of feels like someone wrapping him up, in their long arms

I walk through the halls not certain what to expect it's been so long since my last trip to Earth. I was here to help defend the Earth. It was before all the commotion came and claimed Earth as its victim. They told me to check my little brother’s status, the one that I've heard little of. All I know is that he was lost somewhere between the margins of darkness and light where time and space meet to create new dimensions of possibilities that could've been. I guard and see that they are not disturbed, however not even I can be everywhere at once. I accepted the failures in guarding every dimension, others I secretly help.

"You are too kind." She said to me when I was seen letting some go to another dimension to right the wrongs. I smile at her. If I could talk I would tell her what I thought. I can not sit back and let mankind suffer or any other races suffer from the ignorance of other people or because I was not watchful. I can not talk because I have no soul. However I am not dead, but not alive, I was never born. She said I should be grateful I am able to function at all.

"I need you to find your brother and check how he is doing in his abilities. Do not let him follow you. " She lifted an arm to a black knight that appeared out of thin air. Her magenta eyes looked back at me.

"This is Zuccin from the Platinum Moon dimension, he will be here guarding until you arrive." I nodded and bowed to the black knight who bowed back. She left with the air of darkness back to where she is from. I do not know where, nor do I care.

Holding him tight, calming him
Cooling him, all through the night

The halls were empty with the silence of the night. There is no noise because I have slowed time; I cannot stop time on Earth. It is a pact made by one of Pluto’s ancestors to the Silver Moon Millennium. To cross the pact means death. Although I welcome it to claim my life I will remain obedient to my parents. I come to the desk with the keeper leaning back in his chair half-asleep. I find the chart that reports the conditions of the residence in the Asylum. Everything seems to be relatively fine besides his mental stability. I start to go back to report, but I see a map that shows the chambers. My brother's name is there.

I look at it and start to the chambers. There is no noise and I only glimpse at through the screened windows. There is a man that is being held back by the attendants. The man has a knife in one hand and is slowly pushing it into one of the attendant's spine. I can tell there is no expression on my face. I keep on walking to the chambers my little brother is located. I soon come to where the halls spilt into three ways. I look back down on the chart and keep on marching. Faintly I can hear the wails of the ill. They must be awfully loud if I can hear them. I stop infront of the door this is where he is kept.

Settling him, soothing him
Keeping him safe, like a second self

I close my eyes and begin to accelerate my atoms faster to get through the door's atoms. I look down at my fingers they are glowing with a greenish glow. The first time I experienced this was when I was a child. They thought I was going to disperse into thin air. What a nice thought…being able to return to the nothingness of the beginning of the universe. Sadly, it was only the awakening of my power. I look across the room and there is nothing. Only a barred window with white curtains decorated the small room.

I soon notice that the whole room is white, the bed sheets, the blankets, the padded walls and the tile floor. I hear the door begin to unlock from the outside. I lacked to reset the motion of time. I hide myself behind the tall white curtains. The door opens and a boy with long light brown hair came in slowly. I watch him turn to the door and watching it close before him.

The light is reduces to a bluish glow from the paint. I am still behind the curtains for him to see me would startle him. Somehow he turns fast towards my direction. His eyes are big and frighten that it shocks me. I come out of my hiding spot from the force of his stare. I look up to him; his eyes are a blue shade that clearly marked him the son of Nephrite, my father.

He doesn't try to say anything yet, just stares at me. I feel awkward as he stares at me with his eyes. I turn my eyes to look back at him. Slowly he goes to his bed and cuddles against the wall. I walk close to him and curiously touch him. He whirls to face me and starts to scream.

Like a faithful friend
His jacket of white

He screams uncontrollable rocking himself in his white jacket. I frantically try to gain control of him, but I am too scared to try and touch him again. I am scared…by this little boy and his emotions…I can read his body. It starts to wail for me to leave him, that he isn't well, and to never come back again.

Before I cross the door he quiets down and sobs for me not to leave him alone. I turn to him and see his face cripple up as he cries and pleads me to take him home. I walk back to him and stare down at him with his sides tied back by his jacket.

I carefully reach out and touch his face. He is quiet and closes his eyes. I can feel his hot tears stream down his cheeks. He looks up at me confused, but sad. I sit down and press him to a hug. Although we are both the same, but we are different. Here he is crying so freely while I have never cried before in my life. It is as if I was not made for it.

A force had pulled him out when he was younger for a purpose and to take him would upset the balance of destiny. I stay rocking him softly until he falls asleep. I am reluctant to leave him, but my station is where I belong…I will always belong to the margins of darkness and light where time and space will forever meet.

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Thursday, September 1, 2005

   OH!!!! NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!
Yep, just like the title says.

OH!!!! NOOOOOO!!!!!!!

I went looking at some quiz results on some of my web friends sites and I realize NONE of them have the images I hooked up with the results!! THE HORROR!!! So I went to my quizilla to see what was wrong. I had to remake Part 1 just to get the images.

I TERRIBLY SORRY FELLAS!!! (And fellos) But I make my amends when I connected the images just for you! ^_^ I need to be more watchful!

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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

   Poor Alistair
heh, I just finished writing some more on the story quiz I'm working on.

LOL one part my sister came in the jump and I actually jumped in my seat. I guess my imagination started scaring me a bit.

I have to admit though, writing and what I had happened was a lot sadder than I thought it would be. *sniff* My poor Alistair!! *Shakes Head With Sadness* If you have absolutely NO IDEA what I'm talking about go and take my quiz. I don't care if guys take it too. The story is really good. I might post it somewhere separately.

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Monday, August 29, 2005

   So How is It?
I just finished turning this site upside down! But still there's just one tiny thing I'd like to add on here later. But what do you guys think so far?

N-E-Wayz, Last couple nights my family has been watching an old series called, "Night Gallery"

Not all the episodes are scary, but more of creepy. The effects back then weren't so good so they let the aduiences mind think up of what it looked like or what may have happen. *Shivers* I really got scared with the episode about the doll sent from India. *Shivers* I hate dolls.

Let's see, I saw a preview on television lately about an upcoming movie that really caught my interest. It's about an old court case where a priest was guilty of murder of a girl, but he said she was possessed beyond any help. (This fact is actually TRUE!) The movie is about the girl and some of those flash scenes scared me a bit. Still I propelled to go and watch it!!

Opps! Stayed to long at the computer labs at Cal State Gotta Go!!

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Friday, August 26, 2005

Eh, I know it's rather short title, but its something I thought might interest others.

If anyone has heard of the Russian pop duo known as "Tatu", well one of them is pregnant by her boyfriend and there's talk of one of them going solo. But not because her "partner" had a boyfriend.

The two are a fake and only kept up the imagine in order to gain popularity and controversy media attention. One of them actually admits to it and tells press she can't stand the Tatu labeled clothing or the Catholic school uniforms anymore.

Hearing on all of this I can't help, but laugh. It's hard to know what's real and not especially now a days.

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   Life so far without school...
Where to start?

Well, I got in a fight of words with my Aunt yesterday. I know to most people a bucket of Fatty KFC chicken seems ridiculous to fight over, but when a greedy selfish old lady takes half of it for herself, well, it's a whole different issue. My aunt isn't all there..look at the OB if none of you don't understand.

My father came to me kinda like a kid telling me what my Aunt had done. Part of me scolded myself for not hiding the chicken from her immediately, but the self righteous side told me I shouldn't have to do this at all and my family shouldn't either. My Aunt just takes things nonchalantly and totally disrespects my parents. I just seeing my dad like that was like the last straw. Somebady has to say SOMETHING and it might as well start with me.

In the end of yelling voices it was my Aunt who turned away this time. So many times before I just gave up and turned away. (Mistake I keep making, turning my back on a crazy person is DEFINITELY not safe.) I was kinda--well--VERY proud of myself...but now maybe not...

On the lighter note of things I'm getting my quizzes down at incredible speed! ^__^ And I'm on the net a lot more. My brothergot the job at Cannon and he's happy to be working again although it may not show. I'm happy for him. I love hanging with my dad and laughing with my mom. Things are nice right now, but I have to admit I miss going to school.

Today at the Pantry (breakfast place) My dad just looked at me with a smile asking me if I was really serious about going to college and that I wasn't just going to make them happy. I have to admit it caught me by surprise.

Before I didn't want to go to college because I didn't want a huge debt to think about afterwards, but then I found another reason to go. IT was for my little sister to set a good role model and so I can somewhat gain a sense of independence. I need a degree to get a job later and a job to support myself as well. I can't always mooch off of my parents no matter how much they insist I can. I want to give them back all they have so graciously given to me...

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Tuesday, August 23, 2005


*Stops and stares at finalized version*...it's so beautiful...*teary eyes* PLEASE GO AND TAKE IT AND SHOW IT ON YOUR SITE!!!! ^___________^ I made it for all my friends and net friends too to enjoy!!If you want to take it just click on my quiz result on this main page site!! *Waves bye and blows a kiss* Bye-bye!! ^___^

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   My Dad
Those of you who have meet my Dad would say he's one of the funniest, warm-hearted Mexican you have ever met, and those of you who hadn't well he's the around great guy you could ever work with.

Well, just of last night my dad was REALLY sick. He was vomitting a lot and my Mom took him to the hospital IMMEDIATELY!! (My Dad never wants to go.)

Well, he came back home without any harm, but the doctor had told him and us that he had Kidney Stones. Luckily they noticed it before they were hopelessly big!! The doctor told him they'll flush out eventually and to keep drinking lots of fluids...

My big sister told me this morning and I almost cried. I love my Daddy so much!! ;_; I started to remember all those gloomy thoughts. You know, what will I do if or when my parents should die... I can't imagine life without either of my parents, makes me just too sad.

*Shakes Head* I'm over exaggerating on this part, but I am proud to say I didn't. The situation is not THAT grave and the best I can do is try and help around the house!!


On the lighter note of things. I finally understand how to make a quiz in Quizilla!! YAYNESS!! PARTY!! *Does A Little Dance* I just have to buy some new 3 1/2 Floppy Disks to help things go smoothly. I have to transfer from my computer in my room to my brother's which has the internet connection on it. >_> GRRRRR!!! The disks I have now are really ----meh! Dang Ganymede and her censorship on my language!!---*Grits teeth* They are not being nice. And it's making me VERY UNHAPPY!!!

*Sigh* I'll just have to wait...

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Monday, August 22, 2005

   Just Lyrics from FAKE
Everybody! Shake it Buddy!
[English version]

I want to live without any worries.
Keeping your love all to myself.
Crying and laughing, in days that I'm tired,
I forgot about this hidden...
This sentimental feeling.
I don't want you to call me up anytime.
It's not like I always have free time.
Even though I say it's bothersome, inside I'm excited.
I hurry to your side.

Beyond mountains, beyond the world, I'm happy.
Everybody! Shake it buddy! Dance, dance, dance.
I'll try to be honest about my feelings.

Tonight, under the moonlight. Dance, dance, dance.
Let's forgive everything and dance.
To the smile on your face tomorrow, I love you.

(I love the theme song.)

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Sunday, August 21, 2005

   They didn't have a crying icon!!!
I went over Daniel's today and he helped me to string the first string on my guitar. It's funny his house wasn't how I pictured it to be. Upon arriving I was looking for a doorbell and he laughed saying they didn't have one!

Things were great, I was getting free strings thanks to him, a free lesson on HOW to string my instrument, I'd be able to practice again, and I had one great guy friend to help me all with it. ^__^

I went home and started putting them on when the first and third string broke!! Man! I had a slash mark on my arm from one of them! YEOCH!!!

I WAS SO ANGRY!! (My little sister cackled in the background at me.) I was so scared of the guitar holding it FAR away from myself, but still trying to tune it. I got the last three strings okay in tune and two of the first in tack, but not in tune. That's when my dad same in to see how I was doing.

He tells me the whole thing is off because the bridge isn't high enough. So, I sat there watching him try all kinds of crazy methods to fix it!! One involving a TOOTHBRUSH!!

In the end I agreed to take it to my instructor on Monday when I go to practice. My dad didn't exactly agree because he just continued looking at it.

I felt so sad and frustrated that I almost started crying!!

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