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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Sorry! Comments are now located near the top!! I was experimenting with my site and stuff and I really love how weird and cool it looks! The theme is from that wonderful manga: Hijaru no Go. I LOVE that series!! ^__^ My fanart is also next to my posts now!! YAYNESS!! I drew a new pic you guys should hurry and go see!!

Okay about today. *coughs* I had a math final today and had a fever right in the middle of class. It was not fun...Still I took it and it took a lot longer than I thought it would!! O.O Some of the stuff I had to just stare at for a LONG time.

When I went out to go back and sell my book there was a free Starbucks samples. Some holiday oriented lattes and hot chocolates. Except when I drank the latte I think I was suppose to put sugar or cream stuff in it. Eh...drank it straight with nothing. Woke me up a little.

At the book store they only gave me$34.00 for an $85.00 book. The guy looked really sorry to tell me. I kinda fell asleep at the counter and I was like, "Huh? Whatever, I'll take anything."

Let's see? Got a long due letter from my friend Kat. Learn a lot and very glad that she's decided to change her life. ^__^

Oh yeah!! I'M MAKING A CHRISTMAS LIST!! YAYNESS!!!! WEll, post laters!! And encase any one is wonder Chili the chihuahua went home for the holidays. What a mooch!! *lol* ^__^

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