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Thursday, November 17, 2005

   Early Arriving
I came here TOO TOO EARLY!! My mom had to drive my big bro to work and she just told me to come along. I took bus eleven and it got me here half an hour earlier than usual. Man, not even the library is open!!

Wandered around which was kinda spooky because no one was awake yet on campus. Heh, I started sing out loud and man was it fun! ^__^ Ran over, yes, ran. To see my coy!! Haven't seen them in the longest!! No time really. Started talking to my favorites out loud, man, I must have sounded insane. I gave my favorite names long time ago. Hitomi and Kouga. ^__^ I think it really suits them.

I walked some more and actually ran on the sloping wall on a building. LOL!! SOOOO COOL!!! Too bad no one was there to see it.*Holds fist*

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