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Saturday, December 3, 2005


Man, yesterday I was a little bummed out about not being able to go to Borders with Ganymede and Angels. *sigh* My mom didn't feel safe with me going with Ganymede driving in the pouring rain yesterday. She thought she was a little too young still to know how to drive in such conditions.

So I decided to wrap some christmas presents and clean the room a bit. Finished coloring one of my pics, went on the net a bit, then just laid in bed working on a present. (homemade gifts. ^__^)

Then I see someone who looks like my sister Chrissy walk by the dining room table. (Oh! I had my glasses off.) I thought it was her, but realized the person was too tall to be her.

Then my big brother Angel, comes doing this HILARIOUS shuffle walk with his hands held closely to his chest and hunched over saying in the most HILARIOUS voice, "Ello!! I'm Chrissy!! I don't know what's going on!! OH!!! I'M AN OLD LADY!!OH DEAR!! Stop chasing me!!"

I cracked up!! Not only from his accurate impression of Chrissy, but because he was wearing one of her dress pajamas!!!! LOL!!!!!! It was like one of those old lady nightgowns with a flannel design!!

Those of you who don't know what my big brother looks like, well, his about six foot tall and weigh around two hundred something pounds. I don't really make a big deal on looks, but see a man like his in that nightgown...I bursted up laughing like I've never done before.

My other sister Nana comes in my room and it at the door with this shocked and hilarious face on. She started laughing hard too along with my little sis. Then we heard Chrissy shouting that it wasn't funny to take off her nightgown IMMEDIATELY!!

I couldn't help it but shout back, "But he's so pretty in it!!!" That made us all laugh so hard...*Wipes eyes* I was crying and laughing so hard I almost gagged.

*Sighs* I told him later he should wear dresses more often that I'll even find him a nice bonnet next time.

See Ya Later!!

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