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Tuesday, November 8, 2005

I am like... OMGosh happy. Like.. you have NO idea. I'm on the second part of the Naruto manga Series and.... OMGosh I am HAPPY beyond belief. I was jumping around, Squeeling, and talkinglikethisbecauseiwassohappybutathtesametimemadattheseriesanitssodarngood. so. Yeah. I read volume... 28 and am now on to volume 29 *dances*. I should be asleep right now, but I'm so gosh darn hyper I can't sleep so I decide to update because I havent done it in a while.

Okay... Before I ramble anymore, Thanks for all of you who were supportive while I was sick Luvs. *hugs all around*. I'm really worn out now because when i get sick, It kills me. -_- I have a bad immune system. Unlike... NO. I'm not going there. Nevermind. So, Yeah. I get to take vitamins and herbal pills and stuff for that. And I have to take Cod Liver Oil 'cause I have such gosh darned dry skin. But, at least I don't have to worry so much about acne. =^.^= mrow. Ha. Wiskers. Like the three stripes on Naruto's cheeks. What's up with those anyway... I skipped until it was to the fight with Haku and Zazuba. Then I went to the forest of death part, and went from there. So.. I've still read about 12 volumes of the manga online... Soon to be more... ku ku ku... Stupid Sasuke. You ARN'T supposed to laugh. *glares at Sasuke*

Anyways, I need more Naruto. Now. I'm like... and obsessed fangirl. And I'm DYING to see what Sasuke looks in the second part. They've all changed so much. *wipes tear* I'm so proud... So, I'm off to feed my Newly-found Naruto addiction. Ta!

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