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Friday, November 11, 2005

The internet's down on the computer I'm usually on. So my good buddy Scott is letting me use his while he talks to mark about games. ^.^ I love this class. And I think its funny that my two friends are guys. I like having guy friends. I dunno why, but its just... different from Girl friends.

The 180th chapter of Naruto was translated. It was so sad TT_TT I was so sad. I was reading the 179th and I was crying. My dad told my sister to talk to me. And I had a dream where my dad gave my two Anime DVD's of when he was young, and they were all about vampires. Which will NOT happen because A) My dad doesn't like pretty much any other country, so he thinks anime is useless, B) He didn't have DVD's back when he was young, and C) He hates vampires, which is kinda funny, because two of my sisters and I like them, and one is obsessed with them. So, what happened in my dream was pretty much the opposite of my dad. But it was cool, and the shows were interesting. One was incredibly bloody (the part I watched in my dream was).

So, my friend and I were talking yesterday on the phone, and we decided that Roy was a fasion consultant. And he designed Robin's outfit, Bruce gets his beauty products from him, Legolas and Frodo help him with his products, and Marth officially doesn't know him. :P I love my conversations with her. And then she read an uber cute fanfic of Batman. There was one paragraph that she read to me and it was REALLY well-writen. I need to read it. Its something about Robin's parents anaversery of their death. and... Yeah. Heart-to-heart with Bruce. I need to read it...

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