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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

   I'm off to see shamoo...
I'm not gunna be here for a while. I'm going to San Diego (sp) Cali. I'm going to go to Sea world!!! YAY!!! I'm excited because A) I haven't been there for about 5 years and B) I'm an aquatic freak. I like water and aquatic animals. ^.^ I'm happy. I can't wait. I should be packing, but I decided to tell all of ya that I wouldn't be posting for a while. A sad thing is, I'm missing a friends halloween party *cries* I like those parties....
Speaking of Halloween, I don't now what I'm going to be yet. I want to make my costume, but.... *sweatdrop* I dont know what to do. Alls well. I'll think of something eventually. I'll probably just be a Gypsie again.
One of my friends *glares at Hana* Told a guy that I'm friends with that he should ask me out. Ya know Mark? yeah, him. He's JUST A FRIEND! *glares daggers at Hana*
Speaking of guys, I was engaged to one for about one class period, then he found out that I'm cheeting on him With My friend Y-chan, and another person. Who is also a friend. And I call her my twin. So... O.o its kinda odd.. but If you were around my friends and me, it would make sense. ^.^ So, He did a sexy pose on the desks and asked if He could do anything to get me back. XD That guy is so funny. He was grading my papers and said "_______ ______? Who's she? Just kidding. She's my wife." And the girl in frount of my turned around and asked "did he just call you his wife?" I was like.... "Erm.... well... *sheepish grin*" XD I love that class. Don't like the subject, and the teacher's okay.. but that guy is just.... Hilarious.
I'm gunna go visit people's sites, pack, and I'm outa here.

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