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Thursday, October 27, 2005

I have a test in Multimedia. which doesn't make sense. We hardly ever do anything.... O.o but... whatever.

My friend had a marching band Compatition yesterday. Everyone said that we should have won, but another school did. >.< Stupid school... My friend and her friend were goggling over one guy on the color gaurd of the other school. They said he was REALLY good and really graceful. And Hot. But they found out he was gay. I told her to make friends with him, and she Emphasised the point that he was from another school, and said he was a senior. So.... too bad. But he has a younger brother. And I guy she knows knows him, so I told her to get his E-mail address. XD I don't think she will though... Darn. But she's almost done with marching band, and she's happy. She says she likes it, but she doesn't like to have to do it all the time. Poor Duo-chan. *pats on head*

So, one of my friends and I have been calling each other Richard and Bruce. Richard(sp) is Robins real name and Batman is Bruce. I'm Bruce, and She's Richard. ITs funny, because we have a lot of duo names like that. Like Batmand and Robin, Merry and Pippin, Marth and Roy, and then our names. We used to be called that in all one word, so we were like one person. And we always cringed whenever we heard it, because we would get in trouble a lot for talking. XD I love it. So we were talking about how scary Alfrid was when he was mad, and she said something about sneaking a girl in, then changed it to guy, then back to girl, because we never know what to say. I actully though it was weirder when she said she was sneaking a guy in then when she said she was sneaking a girl in. XP all my friends are like that. We call each other Him, and guy stuff like that, and it doesn't faze us at all. We think its weird to be called a girl at times.

And I have a half hour of class left, and nothing to do. I've already visited peoples sites... hm. I actually got to sleep last night, even though I took a 5 hour nap when I got home. I had a horrible headache, so I took a nap. The I woke up and still had a headache, but I had to go to YW. And I died. This is how:
Over the summer, you and your family went to Lagoon for ward Lagoon day. All day long they begged you to go on the Rocket. You kept giving them excuses not to go. Finally, at lunchtime, they convinced you to ride. Somehting immediatly went wrond and your car was launched off the first bump. You would have survived the crash, except you landed int he kiddy bumper cars. The kids thought you were an easy target.
O.o weird huh? Another one was your friend was chocking on a Fireball, and after you tried the himlich (sp), the fell over and the fireball came out of their mouth and into yours, and you choked to death. another one was where you were at a party and ate Paintballs, thinking that they were M&M's. O.o they were werid. And I had a headache the whole time, so I wasn't too happy. And I had to fill out an Aplication in a class for 1000 points. *sigh* Then I got to go to bed.

OH! My sister's coming to stay for the weekend. She would stay because its supposed to be a REALLY big thing (I think its one of the most popular in the state), but she says its just an excuse for people to barly wear anything and run around town. So, she wasn't going to go anyway. And see wants to see her kitty, because she heard how sick she is. But Misty's getting better. She's eating more and meowing more. But she mostly only eats the Tuna fish we give her... but as long as she's eating, its okay. =^.^=

One of my friends begged me to let her come over and see Advent Children, so she's coming to my house after school to watch it. Duo-chan would come too, but she has her last Marching band thing today, so she's going to that.

Well. That was actually quite the post. I though it was going to be short. O.o surprises are everywhare...

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