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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

   *singing Jaws theme song*
I'm BAAAAAAAACK!!!! *sees people scream and run away* -_- thanks... Well, I had a BLAST at seaworld ('cept for the fact that my two younger siblings *mutters incoherent-and not very nice and clean- things under breath*) ^.^ It was all good *insert previous small text here*. So... erm.. It took four hours to get to my aunt in ST. George's house (where we were staying the night). -_- And we were in a truck, so there was no way to lay down. And my back hurt. Ow... But we had Lemonade, So it was okay. But we got there, slept, and went to my dad's second cousin's house. We went and saw their horses. AndtherewasonenamedEliandhewasreallyreallycool andireallylikehorsessothatswhyimtalkingfast likethisanditsreallyfuneventhoughIdontlikehorses asmuchasmyeldistsister. So, then we left and spent 7 bloody hours in the Truck. With my siblings, its murder. 'specially because they fight over the littlest things....
So we got to San Diego. And.... Saw our hotel..... and... watched Teen Titans... and swam in the pool, and talked to people from Montana in the hot tub... and slept... and....
Then we woke up and we went to SEA WORLD!!!!!! YAY (i'm putting both days in)!!!! We saw Sea Lions, and seals, and sting rays (AND I COULD PET THEM!!! YAY!! I LOVE STING RAYS!!!!), and eels, and sharks with REALLY cool pointed teeth, and Dolphins and I got to PET one and feed it, and sea otters, and pilot whales, and manatees, and penguines, and Polar bears, and Baluga whales, and Horses (in sea world...?) and Flamingos, and Ducks, and Commersons Dolphins, and we got to go on an Atlantis ride, and.... it was FUN!!!! I like Sea World. 'twas great fun ^.^
Then we went 7 hours to get to Connie's house (dad's second cousin), and we got to feed their horses. Then we went to glenda's house and watched a Bratz movie. O.o it was weird/cheezy. And... Kinda funny at times.. because how strange it was. So, we drove home the next day (4 hours) and I would have updated then, but I had a major bad headach. And my mom is mad at me for listening to music in head phones while going to sleep (I have ear problems, and its not good for the ears). So my dad has to convince her to let me move out of sharing a room with my sister. *sigh* I dislike my mom. I love her, but I don't like her.
My cat is getting really old and really sick. we might have to put her down soon. She's really weak, and is almost all skin and bones. I petted her last night and she almost fell over. I'm really worried about her....
Heh, sorry to end it on a sad note.

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