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Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween all!!! ^.^ I'm dressing up as an anime-like character. I have pants that kind of look like Miko pants, and then I put my hair in a ponytail with a clip, and have two pieces of hair free in the frount. Its fun ^.^ And I'm wearing Make-up. And its weird 0.o I never wear make-up. My dad was mad. ^.^ It was funny.

So, I've been reading Naruto online and.... Oh my giddy aunt. I LOVE it. Like.. holy charles dickins, Its AWSOME!!!! O.o Like the part that Sasuke and Kakashi come back after training and... wow. I was laughing out loud because I liked it so much. But... I do these things. Like yelling at books and laughing... ITs fun. So, Don't be suprised if the next theme is Naruto ^.^. Oh my gosh I love it..

So... yeah... Had a loverly weekend.. and watched The Ring 2 without running away, which is really good for me, because I'm REALLY not good with scary movies, and I haven't seen one since I was like... 7. So, Yeah. I was freaked out though at some parts and I was squeezing my friends hands and had a pillow up to right under my eyes. I was scared.

I have a cold. Again. I should be immune because I already got a cold this year... It makes me angry.

Erm... ta?

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