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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Just went and saw.... Serenity (I think thats how you spell it...) And it was a GOOD show. See it. The Reavers were creepy and discusting, but the show had the FUNNIEST one-liners ever. Like... Wow. O.o they amaze me. There was one part where they say "Define.... disappear" and my dad and I started laughing at EXACTLY the same time, then my two sisters at the EXACT same time turned to me and asked "What did he say?" O.o it was mind boggeling. But... it was funny.

"Do you know what sin you are?"
"Actually, I'm a fan of all of them" *fighting* "but at the moment, I'm favoring wrath." *stab*

XD i love that part... So yeah. See it. This is a short post because, A) Its 10:23 where I am, and my parents hate it when we stay up later than 9, and B) I'm not allowed on the computer on sunday anyway, so you won't hear from me again. So, TA!

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