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Saturday, October 15, 2005

I am like... Uber happy. Like... nirvana stage here. *dances around* I'll explain why in jus' a second... *squee*
Anyways... I was home a total of about 25 minutes at my house before I went to bed. @.@ Woke up late, so I got ready in 10 minutes. went to school, had a dandy time, then hung out with my friends in the "rebelion". ^.^ We don't go to the 'anime' club, because its like a class. They were learning about the different types of ghosts. -_- That just doesn't seem like an anime club. So, we played cards out in the back of the school. Then we played the laughing game. Its where you put your head on each other's stomaches and the 1st person says "ha" once, the second person says it twice, and so on. The first person to really laugh loses. We actully didn't do that, we just played it until we had to go. It was fun. Then, My two friends and I went to one of them's house and wached Advent Children. It was like..... O.o wow. @.@ I'm still in awe. My friend and I had SO much energy afterwards. So I went home, and was watching my copy when my friends came over wearing bandanas over their faces. But I locked the storm door. XD I won. So I came willingly. If I didn't come willingly, then it would have been the second time my friends tied me up to take my to Soujiro's house. So, was at Soujiro's house, and had SO much energy. I couldn't stop walking. We watched Desendents of Darkness Which seems UBERLY shonen-ai. Just the way they talk, look at each other, and stuff. Like one guy gave another guy a hug, and it was just... It was DIFINITLY shonen-ai. It was the slow reach up and... yeah. ^.^ All but me and one other friend saw it that way. Well.. that they said. XD So... Came home because it was 9 and I had had a headache ever since after school. XP So came home, and went to sleep. And... woke up. And watched more advent children. XD I love that show. OH! And I also read the 52 chapter of FMA. *shudders* Envy's so creepy in his true form . *shudders* ew. So.... yeah... Advent children.... That one part after the fight when Dude's phone went off... OMG, that was SO SO SO~~~~~~ Funny. My friend and I were laughing for SO long afterwards. It was horrible. XD I love it. The end was wonderful. I think it kinda hinted TifaxCloud. Which I Think would be cute. They really did do the characters well. They're so hot *drool* wow. well... I'm not drooling over the girls... I promise. No matter HOW I act when my friends and I are hyper, i am NOT like that. XP

O.o that was a long paragraph. I seem to ramble a lot, doncha think? But... alls well that ends well. *sigh* I really like that show....

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