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Friday, February 17, 2006


Once Upon a December!! *Loves that song* Anywho, I'm in my computer class with a bottle of Juice Squeeze Ruby Grapefruit next to me. Its my friends, but she can't have it in her class, so she told me to take care of it. She told me that I could have some though, so Its not all bad. ^_^ Its so good. I love Grapefruit juice....

I'm trying to work on the layout, but I'm wondering if its worth it.... It'd be so much work, and I kinda like the way I do my Layouts. Everyone's doing these Iframe things, so yeah.... Its fun.

I Got a better graphics card on the computer I use, and I got BLENDER on it. *Beware graphics freak*. And I really need to work on a site.... I mean, seriously. I have so Many names that i want.... But I don't know which one to do. I'm also thinking of just getting my own domain and stuff... I just don't know when I'd update. I might do it in the summer.... that'd be fun.

So yeah, the awsome ramblings are going on. Y'know the friend that I was saying was in an UBER depressing/emo mood? She's out of it (thank the goddess). And she's back in her funny mood. She's the one who gave me the juice squeeze to protect. Its so much more fun when she's happy.

We don't have Anime Club today, because she Admin found out that we didn't have a teacher supervisor. Its like they think that we're going to be doing illigal things. The most illigal thing that we did (I wasn't there) was use a weejie board. That would have been interesting, but my friends and I were being the Rebles. Thats what they actually called us. ^_^ Talk about fun!! So yeah...

We have a major project due this period, and my group and me haven't done anything... *sheepish grin* alls well. We have some done, but we were supposed to make a song, and that never happened. I don't have the software on my computer, so I can't really do anything. And we're just slackers. Only one person has really done anything. I'm thinking of doing a site layout (for the school) just for fun, and to get a few points extra credit. But, I don't know.

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