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Monday, March 27, 2006

I LIIIIIVE!!!! *uber dramatic music of doom in background*
Hello all of my Minions friends! How goes it! I haven't been here for EVER. Like... wow. O.o. Lots has happened. But, I can't remember half of it. My sister got the game that she was really excited about (Its called Oblivion) and My group in Multimedia is finally getting everything together and is finishing the project. We just have to turn it in now, I think. So, hopefully I can get KHII when it comes out. It ships tomorrow. And I know a store that will have it in by the 29. which is by birthday. But I really don't care. Its just another day to me. *grin*. I'm SO excited for KHII!! I didn't get the chance to finish KHCOM, so i'm probably gunna be confused for a while.... But I know the jist of what happened.

I found out that my multimedia teacher is a MARVEL fan. Liek, ew. And he says DC is for kids. DC is the BEST. And if you know what I'm talking about, I cay kudos for you. And i'm supprised. :P

SO yeah..... Stuff is happening and its all good. Well, not all. My dad is going to be moving to North Carolina (CLEAR across the states from us) for about a year for some job opertunity. I don't think he's moving until august though... But its still kinda scary. well, I'm off now.


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