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Thursday, March 2, 2006

So, We finished watching the Bourne Identity in Multimedia. And now we're having a lecture. But, no one pays attention. But he's making us turn off the computer screens. Most did, some didn't. I did. For a while *snicker*. We're learning about making movies. ^_^ Fun fun. Not really. Mark (my buddy) Has this cute sheep thing that walks around on his desktop. Its so cute! And my sister bought the first season of Teen Titans. Y-chan's jealous. *snicker*

I went to the Iredologist (sp). And it was SO cool. He can tell things by looking at my eyes. Its SO cool. THe yellow in my eyes means that I have sulfer in my system. Or something... I get to do on this diet. No tomatoes. They were considered a poison less than 200 years ago. Cool huh? So, they're evil. ^_^ Fun fun. I'm excited to do this. Really. I WANT to feel better. I've been sick for about 3 years. I'm sick of it (eew pun *throws up*). But yeah... Its exciting. He could tell that I have days that I'm good, then days that I crash. I was like... Woah. Dude. thats cool. SO I'm hopeing it works. He studied traditional Chinese Medicine. IN CHINA. @.@ Cool. So. Yeah. Anywho...

KHII is coming out in about... 26 days. *celebrates*

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