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Friday, March 17, 2006

So, I found out from Hana-chan that a guy that I've known for EVER wants me to go to girls Pref with him. I don't know what to say! He has a girlfriend, but I think they've been having problems. And I've never been to a dance before so, I don't know how to ask him if I do. And I don't know what I'd wear and I don't even Know if I can GO. and ... GAH!! I kinda want to go though. I've know this kid since at LEAST 3rd grade. He had a major crush on me 4-7 grade, but then got over it. But he's always only been a really close friend. Like, more than a friend, less than anything else. Gah! Its driving me insane!!!! So I'm going to ask my mom if she'd let me go. I'll be 16 by then. Its so confusing!

Hi. I updated. I might be able to wok on the site, because my dad's in North Carolina XD. I'm evil. So yeah. Sounds like fun. I found a few other AMV's that I'm in love with. One's Naruto, and one's HunterxHunter. I haven't seen Hunter2, so I wouldn't have normally seen it, but its by my favorite person. She's AMAZING at making AMV's. Her name's *inverse* For all those on Animemusicvideos.org. ^_^ Go. See. Love. Worship. Become a fellow Groupie.

11 more days!

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