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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Holy. There's a guy in my class that I don't know, and just barely saw, and he looks like a girl. I mean... seriously. Its sick. Bleh.

I need to work on the site. I first need to make a Wallpaper... then stuff... and stuff.... and stuff. My obsession is coming out in 29 days!!! *dances* I'm so excited!! And some guy and his sister from my sister's work is coming over to watch Advent Children on our projection screen TV. Ha ha. We have to hook it up to the X-box though. THATS going to be a pain.

We're watchin part of the Bourn Identity in Class. I reallyd on't know why... Something about our new project... I don't get it. but, whatever. And there was darkness. And it was good. ANd I can feel Riku glaring at me. Ha ha... I can't concentrate on anything.

So I was sick yesterday. And am still sick today, but I came to school. I could have come to school, or risk having my friends come over to my house again. So, I came to school. And i'm going to die. Whee...

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